Thursday :: Aug 19, 2004

Nader's Financial Help From GOP Donors

by Steve

Hereís another reason to take Ralph Nader off of your holiday greeting card list. A small but noticeable number of his donors are also Bush Ranger and Pioneer donors. According to a new report by the Center for Responsive Politics, 51 of Naderís donors are also GOP donors, some of them Bush Pioneer or Ranger donors. Sure, Nader has raised only $54,300 from these 51 donors, who have also given nearly $66,000 to Democrats (a large part of that though from folks who clearly are covering their bets). But a large number of these individual large-dollar donors to Nader are also large-dollar, almost exclusive donors to the GOP as well.

And its good to see that despite the last four years, the Nader folks are still drinking the same Kool-Aid:

Nader has said repeatedly that he will not drop out of the race, as several high-profile Democrats have encouraged him to do.

"Not a chance," said Zeese, Nader's campaign spokesman. "The Democrats have pissed us off so much. Democrats are wolves in sheep's clothing. The Republicans are just wolves."

Ah, so itís all about petty anger, is it? Well at least Nader shares that with Bush.

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