Thursday :: Aug 19, 2004

How John Kerry busted the terrorists' favorite bank.

by soccerdad

David Sirota and Jonathan Baskin have a really good article, Follow the Money, in the Washington Monthly. In the article they detail how Kerry, while in the Senate, worked for years on unraveling the dealings of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

All that changed in early 1988, when John Kerry, then a young senator from Massachusetts, decided to probe the finances of Latin American drug cartels. Over the next three years, Kerry fought against intense opposition from vested interests at home and abroad, from senior members of his own party; and from the Reagan and Bush administrations, none of whom were eager to see him succeed.

By the end, Kerry had helped dismantle a massive criminal enterprise and exposed the infrastructure of BCCI and its affiliated institutions, a web that law enforcement officials today acknowledge would become a model for international terrorist financing. As Kerry's investigation revealed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, BCCI was interested in more than just enriching its clients--it had a fundamentally anti-Western mission. Among the stated goals of its Pakistani founder were to "fight the evil influence of the West," and finance Muslim terrorist organizations. In retrospect, Kerry's investigation had uncovered an institution at the fulcrum of America's first great post-Cold War security challenge.

Its a must read because it adds more substance to Kerry in an important area. Its also a must read because I'm sure the right will jump on this trying to tear this down too. My question is why isn't the campaign emphasizing this as an important and very relevant accomplishment? Are they saving it?

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