Friday :: Aug 20, 2004

Rove Blew Through $45 Million In July

by Steve

It looks like Karl Rove is continuing to blow through George W. Bush’s piggy bank. Remember the cash advantage that Bush/Cheney 2004 had at the beginning of July over Kerry/Edwards? BC04 started the month with $64 million in the bank, more than twice what KE04 had. On top of that, the White House raised another $14 million in July.

Unfortunately, Karl shoveled $45 million of it out during the month, $38 million of it for ad buys, leaving BC04 with $32 million to start August. Sure, KE04 must make their $75 million in public money last from August through October, while Bush gets to spend his $32 million and new receipts this month, until his $75 million kicks in at the end of the GOP convention.

Much is made about how KE04 hasn’t used the convention to bounce out to an 8-10 point lead over BC04, and to a point in traditional political thinking that may be valid. But this is not a traditional year, with more voters polarized into hardened positions earlier that ever before. There aren’t many voters available to be “bounced” to one candidate or another this year because there are fewer undecideds this late in the cycle. That doesn’t mean Bush won’t get his 4-6 point bounce from the GOP convention; he will and should just through packaging and marketing by the GOP-owned corporate media. But what does it say about BC04 and their chances this fall when Karl blows through $45 million in one month and only gets a two-point improvement (and only one point among likely voters), before Kerry began fighting back yesterday?

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