Friday :: Aug 20, 2004

Halliburton Is Making A Killing

by Steve

(Graphic courtesy of the Center for Public Integrity)

The Center for Public Integrity released a report this afternoon that shows how good Vice President Dick Cheney has been to his old employer Halliburton, and specifically their Kellogg, Brown, and Root subsidiary. It appears that in 2003, Rummy’s Defense Department awarded contracts to Halliburton of $4.3 billion, which represents over a quarter of Halliburton’s total record revenue that year of $16.3 billion.

This percentage will balloon for 2004, a year in which Halliburton’s possible revenues from the US taxpayers will exceed $11 billion, money that could have been spent here on making our ports, chemical and nuclear plants, and railroads safer from terrorists, and to provide local governments with more first responders. Of course, that money could also have been used to buy necessary Kevlar vests for our soldiers in Iraq.

War and death are very, very good business for Mr. Cheney’s former employer.

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