Saturday :: Aug 21, 2004

Who Needs A Draft?

by pessimist

As I note in a post below, retirees are in a real pickle. Many are losing their pensions and other retirement benefits. But never fear! the George Warmonger Bush of Baghdad Chapter of Uncle Sam's Club is here!

All of those who can no longer work, or who choose not to, are now subject to military service just like everyone considered 'expendable' else seems to be:

57-year-old veteran called for duty

He’s 57 years old, afflicted with skin cancer, partially deaf and suffers from high blood pressure. But the U.S. Army still wants Master Sgt. Luis Jaime Treviño. In disbelief, he called the Army hotline listed on his orders. "Am I reading this thing right? At my age you still want me?" he asked. But there was no mistake. Treviño is to report to a mobilization unit Sept. 15 at Fort Jackson, S.C. "If I do not execute these orders, I go to jail," he said.

"I’m honored to go, but I’m disabled and I’m too old," he said.

But the Army disagrees. Reservists under the age of 60 are being activated, said Public Affairs Specialist Julia Collins of the Human Resources Command in St. Louis. "I know many guys who are in that position," she said. "It’s not unusual."

Don't you feel safer now that America's retirees are the front line of sacrificial lambs in George's 'War On Terra'?

While Treviño’s age does not disqualify him from serving, his medical condition may. The U.S. Veteran’s Administration considers Treviño 100 percent disabled because of the cancerous cells on his face and his bilateral hearing loss. His middle left finger is bandaged, hiding the portion doctors removed on Thursday for a biopsy. He also takes medicine daily to control his blood pressure and hypertension. However, the V.A. has no bearing on the Army’s decision, so Treviño is requesting an exemption from the Delay and Exemption Board.

Collins said the delay and exemption board will review Treviño’s request for an exemption along with a doctor’s verification of his medical condition. Medical conditions are evaluated on a case by case basis. "Because it sounds like he has medical issues, it will probably go to surgeon’s office for review," she said.

The delay and exemption board will then make a recommendation, the legal department will review it. The commander will make a final ruling as to whether Treviño will go to Iraq, she said. "Obviously they intend not to send people who have severe medical conditions," she said. "We have to send soldiers that are physically fit to serve their country."

Though his physical health is less than sterling, Treviño thinks the Army may need his expertise. Treviño is a refueling specialist, an expert in petroleum, oils and lubricants. "The Army is going to try to keep me there. Sergeants are very high in demand," he said.

Collins agreed that Treviño’s skill is needed. "That definitely would be something that would be sought after, especially when transportation and supply routes are important," she said.

I am honestly speechless about this. I know that the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirates are sleezy scumbags to whom no depth can ever be too low to stoop to, but there is much more to this picture than just a certain person's 'qualifications' as a 'refueling specialist' and his rank as a sergeant to justify his service. If you want to talk WWII, with major enemies across the oceans on either side of us, I could accept it. Today against Al Qaeda and an enraged Islamia?

Please! I'm sure the Swift Boat Sailors Against Kerry would be glad to volunteer! Just ask them!

This nation is a long way from scraping the bottom of the barrel, except for national leaders - the guys who are supposed to SOLVE problems instead of making more of them???.

I have to wonder, through actions such as these, if we aren't seeing the beginning of a deliberate effort to reduce the numbers of old people. Experts have been screaming for years that Social Security was going to break under the strain of so many retirees and so few wage-earners. So here is a problem in search of a solution.

We have also been hearing from experts about how our military is so over-extended through the staffing needs of all of the Bush Wars. The draft would be a logical solution to this problem, but this is an election year, and as George Warmonger Bush and the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirates desperately seek a legitimate (if tainted by vote theft) electoral victory, that can't happen - not yet. The voters would never stand and be counted for it. The National Guard units and the Reserves have just about been tapped out, Stop Loss has kept those about to leave in, and only those who were once in the military but are now not on active duty are available for quick deployment - their previous experience would ensure a rapid re-acclimation to military life. So here is a solution for TWO problems!

Gee - a Win-Win for those who think they are in charge and in control! Only We the Little People lose out - as usual.

It's only a matter of time before all those who can't find 'suitable' employment will be subject to immediate military service, or those whose income isn't sufficient to support one's self. Or those whose record includes prison time. Or low grades in school. Or alcohol or drug abuse. Or promiscuity, or liberalism, or ...

Calling Reverend Niemoller!

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