Monday :: Aug 23, 2004

Bang the Drum: Where is Bush's DD214?

by paradox

Markos at The Daily Kos has an excellent post about Bush's TANG record--seems our Pretzeldent didn't get awarded 2 Texas medals that were virtually given to everybody. All you had to do was show up.

Except Bush never showed up. Men were dying and getting horribly wounded while Bush gave the finger to his draft dodge.

There's no way to confirm this, for Bush hasn't released his military records. That's right, one can run for Presdient of the United States against a combat veteran undergoing vicious smears against his service record but not release one's own military records. Really. That's our liberal media.

Bang the drum: release the DD214! release the DD214!

How come Kerry gets micro-examined over his military record by Bush gets to lie with his? Why?

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