Monday :: Aug 23, 2004

When The ChickenHawk Crows

by pessimist

So Kerry chose to highlight his military service as a part of his campaign. History demonstrates that he's well within tradition to do so. We as a nation have regularly chosen military veterans as our leaders, in fact far more so than not.

Longevity of U.S. Presidents

I think presidents make an interesting (if small) sample because of their demographic uniformity: all are white male politicians, almost all are military veterans, and presumably all had sufficient wealth and/or prestige to command whatever medical resources were available in their later years.

A better source:

U. S. Wars Produce Presidents

EACH OF THE UNITED STATES' MAJOR WARS, other than the Vietnam conflict, has produced a veteran who rose to the Presidency.

That time for a Vietnam President is upon us.

All of this Kerry-in-Cambodia hype from the wrong-wing chickenhawks is just a smoke-screen, a tactic they would surely use if they were brave enough to actually enter combat. They are trying to hide the weakness of their position by hurling smears and innuendo, for they are out of factual information to use as ammunition.

Over at Seeing the Forest, there is an excellent post on Republican strategy and tactics: What The Republicans Are Up To. They are following the political playbook exactly in their conduct of their war, with no deviations - a practice which cost the Axis dearly as it clearly will the Chickenhawks.

They cannot retreat from the fact - FACT - that their Frat Chimp Warlord Wannabe couldn't even stand Stateside duty in a champagne unit for rich boys! He cut and ran everytime the cork was popped! Too much cocaine can make one nervous, agitated, and excitable.

Bu$h is a poser, seeking to portray himself as a warrior by posing in front of the real thing (or more likely future candidates who don't yet have any combat experience themselves) every chance he gets, all the while tearing down those from both major parties who actually went - McCain and Cleland in particular.

Chickenhawks are also posers like Owwer Leedur. They will gladly smear documented combat veterans like Kerry and Cleland and McCain as if they thmselves are qualified to do so from actual combat experience, but come up with a post on what was going on in Cambodia in 1968 and all I get from these flag-waving 'patriots' is a snide comment. Can't face the truth, heroes?

Personal to all you wrong-wing chickenhawks:

Your only war is against the American people. You lie and cheat the rest of us daily in order to achieve the tiniest victories, which you pile up as a base for bigger things. Any structural engineer will tell you that is not how one constructs a towering ediface designed to last a thousand years.

You chickenhawks have only one way you can win, and by using it you will lose. You can pull every dirty trick in the book to take the election this fall, but all the world is watching. They are a lot harder to fool than the cretins who blindly follow the likes of you. They will stop you if you take this nation down. You are Custer, and they are the Sioux Nation.

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