Monday :: Aug 23, 2004

Weighing Anchor and Wunning Away

by pessimist

'Mr. pResident, it looks like the assault failed. We weren't counting on our regular allies, the media, taking sides against us and revealing the flaws in our strategy and tactics to the enemy. We were sure we had them focussed on Kerry's service and not the service and connections of those who were attacking him for us.

"The gains we were counting on were only realized in the military veteran sector, but then they are trained to believe everything we tell them without question. The gains we sought in other sectors seems to have cost us more than we gained with the veterans.

"Mr. pResident, I suggest that in order to not jeopardize the campaign, and to solidify the hold on certain sectors we now have, we should withdraw from the Swift Boat assault and let the Convention hype erase the memory of the people, so that when you emerge triumphant with a united Republican Party behind you, you will march triumphant to that legitimate electoral victory you have been seeking since December 2000!"

"OK, Karl, Time To Sink Swift Boat Ads."

(CBS/AP) President Bush called for an end to campaign commercials aired by outside groups on Monday, including an ad that accuses John Kerry of lying about his combat record in Vietnam. Asked directly whether his Democratic rival for the presidency had lied, Mr. Bush said, "I think Senator Kerry served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record."

That should end the ChickenHawk squawk about Kerry's service.

So, why now? What was it about the campaign to smear Kerry's service that didn't work? Could it be that Kerry had a knockout punch?

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona has said the tactics are the same kind used on him and asked the president to denounce them. A former Vietnam prisoner of war, McCain lost the South Carolina Republican primary in 2000 after Bush supporters accused him of opposing legislation to help military veterans. McCain never recovered from that primary loss.

And in a shift in strategy, Kerry's campaign has responded with two commercials, despite plans to preserve its campaign funds for the general election campaign. A new Kerry ad says Mr. Bush smeared McCain four years ago and "now, he's doing it to John Kerry."

And then there is the counterattack that fizzled - the comments of Bob 'Erectile Dysfunction' Dole:

Former Sen. Bob Dole, a World War II veteran and 1996 Republican presidential nominee, suggested Kerry apologize for his 1971 testimony to Congress about atrocities U.S. soldiers allegedly committed in Vietnam. Dole, who has a disabled right arm from war wounds, said Kerry received an early exit from combat for "superficial wounds." He called on the nominee to release all of his Vietnam service records. Dole told CNN's "Late Edition" in relation to Kerry: "I respect his record. But three Purple Hearts and never bled that I know of. I mean, they're all superficial wounds. Three Purple Hearts and you're out."

Dole's First Purple Heart seems to have been self-inflicted! And, several of his squad were also wounded.

Before this becomes a big issue, I am not suggesting that Dole be walloped for this incident. I believe that under fire a lot of things can happen, so let's not go there. My gripe with Dole is that he's talking out of both sides of his mouth, depending upon the party affiliation of the subject. If his wound was minor and he still got a Purple Heart for it, then he has nothing to say about Kerry's, for the situations were similar enough to either justify or deny both awards. So Bob, I know it's a hard job, but Liddy's waiting for you to take care of business. 'V' for Viagra!

Back to Bu$h. He's lost the initiative on the 527 front, and in typical ChickenHawk fashion he seeks to disarm the Democrats through charm and flattery by attempting to paint himself as shocked that non-party advertising is a poor way for a democracy to express itself:

The president renewed his call for Sen. Kerry to join in condemning the activities of all the groups behind the attack ads. "I couldn't be more plain about it," Mr. Bush said "I hope my opponent joins me in condemning these activities of the 527s," a reference to the outside groups that have poured millions of dollars over the past year into attack ads. Mr. Bush himself has been a main target of ads costing some $60 million. He said all of the ads should be stopped. "That means that ad," he said, referring to the anti-Kerry ad, "and every other ad. I think they're bad for the system."

They are only bad becuase you are losing control, George. The economy's going down out of your control, the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan are out of your control, the world isn't in your thrall anymore, and the lapdog media is beginning to growl at you.

Your time grows short. Enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe you should join Cheney in his Secret Bunker and party while your Reich falls.

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