Tuesday :: Aug 24, 2004

The return of the hatchet "men."

by Duckman GR

John O'Lyin Neill. Bob Dole. Charles Colson. Why are they doing this? Patriotism? Loyalty? Concern?

Yeah, right. They lie because it serves their master's purpose. O'Neill's been dogging Kerry for decades, because Nixon's CREEP's told him to. Look at that Dick Cavett Show tape. They think, in their ignorance, that the American opposition to the Vietnam War caused it to be lost, that this was some noble fight against "Communism." And they still think it. But it wasn't. It was a horribly wrong war fought out of a typical American ignorance of the place, oh, and an irrational fear of the Red Menace. Hey Wringers, read Lt. Kerry's speech, all of it, every word. It's conceptual in nature, but a good read.

Some have been surprised by Bob Dole's recent bloodless remarks about John F. Kerry's war wounds. People shouldn't be. When the "Party" calls, he comes running. Here's a little backgrounder on Bob Dole. Compare it to the crap he said the other day. (My B's and U's )

Throughout his long Senate career, Dole intervened for rich corporations that had contributed to his campaigns and causes. For instance, when billionaire oilmen Charles and David Koch were confronting Senate allegations that their company stole more than $30 million in oil from Indian reservations, Dole disrupted the investigation with diversionary attacks against witnesses....

In the late 1980s, .... Dole returned to tear at Republican special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, who was investigating the Iran-contra crimes of the Reagan-Bush administration.

...Two months later at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Dole openly boasted about his efforts to derail Walsh's criminal investigation.


...Dole's speech contested none of Walsh's factual findings. Late in his investigation, Walsh had discovered that nearly every senior official in the Reagan-Bush national security hierarchy had lied under oath as part of the Iran-contra cover-up. Walsh had uncovered what looked like a six-year obstruction of justice masterminded inside the Oval Office by the nation's highest executive officials.

With the .... pardons, Bush had protected himself and his "out-of-the-loop" lie as well as a host of other senior Republicans from being held accountable for their crimes. From the Senate floor, Dole had provided important political cover for the cover-up.

How about Nixonian hatchet man, Charles Colson? We know who Chuck recruited to smear Kerry. It seems that dirty tricksters never go away in the GOP, they just get recycled over and over. John O'Neill, who lies with impugnity, and you know why?

Because, he’s just a button man for the BFEE. He doesn’t care, doesn’t believe, he’s just a brownshirted thug following orders. And for what? For Money. And Power. Not O'Neil's, mind you, sure he gets a cut of the slander book dough, but Corporate America and their wholly owned subsidiary, The GOP.

The inbreeding within the tricksters is just amazing though, as you can see from this, and this. (Aren't you glad Senator Gore did the legislative work that gave us this Internet thing, coz we'd never find this stuff.)

John Edward Hurley, president of the Association, said a review of the infamous Nixon tapes reveals that Charles Colson, then White House Counsel, and former White House speechwriter pat Buchanan were telling President Nixon not to worry and that they would be getting dirt on John Kerry. They were also conveying to President Nixon that they were promoting John O'Neil, another Swift Boat commander, to undermine the contentions of John Kerry when he commanded a Swift Boat.


Hurley also says that Pat Buchanan, another member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, is a driving force behind the controversial Southern Partisan magazine, which secretly contributed $30,000 for the lawsuit against the museum. Buchanan is a friend of Richard Hines, who orchestrated the racial campaign against Sen. John McCain in the South Carolina primary with Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political strategist. Hines, another commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, arranged for the Southern Partisan interview of John Ashcroft, is a director of World Air Leasing, and the lobbyist for the Ashbury International Group, a 10-person Virginia sniper equipment firm which has been awarded $250 million in defense contracts.

$25 million a person. For what?

Do you see why these creatures lie so readily, so easily? Do you see what we're up against? And why these blood sucking pestilent abominations must go?

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