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It's All In The Game, Sport!

by pessimist

If it wasn't for rich political-favor-seeking friends, George W. Bu$h would still be drilling dry holes in Lone Star Longnecks after a long day of posing as a West Texas Roughneck and drilling big holes in investor portfolios. Maybe, in order to protect their Good Thing from his incompetence, it was the oilmen who set George up as a partner owning the Texas Rangers (the real law-and-order boys wouldn't have him since he's not a Real Texan - he's really a Connecticut Yankee!). But after trading away Sammy Sosa and demonstrating that he was out of his league as a team owner, they pushed him into the Texas Governor's seat, a safer place than baseball for an incompetent like W.

He was quickly doing to Texas what he's since done to the country, so maybe, in order to protect the state's credit rating and to keep it from sinking as low as Lib'rul California's, it was the oilmen decided to share him with the entire nation, and bought him the presidency. But it's a funny thing - there are 49 other states out there that don't seem too keen on being just like Texas.

These oilmen spent a lot of money making George look good and taking him places, and they expected a return on their investment! And they were dadgum gonna git it! They don't carry those Colts on their hips for show, Pilgrim!

So George promised them an easy quick buck after he took away Saddam's oil. That didn't work out quite as he expected, however, and with the rest of the country beginning to think that just maybe it's time to return the favor to Texas for his services and to ship him back, Bu$h needed to take a breather.

Looking around, he found something that was getting a lot of good media coverage, something he desperately needs. So in good Texas fashion, he decided to help himself to a heapin' helpin' of their international image to boost his own. But wouldn't you know it! Those selfish ingrates didn't want to share the glory with Owwer Glory Us Leedur!

Olympics Chiefs Want Bush Campaign to Back Off

ATHENS (Reuters) - Olympic officials are seething at a campaign ad for President Bush which, they say, hijacks the Olympic brand. "We are following what is happening and hope this campaign will stop," said Gerhard Heiberg, head of the International Olympic Committee's Marketing Commission. "We own the rights to the Olympic name and nobody asked us," he said while attending the Athens Olympics. It is the U.S. Olympic Committee's responsibility to protect the Olympic brand in the United States and Heiberg said they were taking steps to do so. "The USOC took immediate action," he said, without elaborating. "The USOC is dealing with this matter."

The television advertisement does not feature the five Olympic rings -- one of the world's most recognizable images -- but an announcer tells viewers that at "this Olympics there will be two more free nations," referring to the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq under Bush's presidency.

Heiberg said of the incident: "We are politically neutral -- we have to be, otherwise we are in grave difficulties."

But while Heiberg was diplomatic, other IOC members were blunt. "This is quite amazing," one member said on condition of anonymity. "The arrogance is unbelievable. To use the Olympic name like this, without permission... it's just incredible." Another said: "That anyone should do this is just astonishing."

According to unconfirmed reports in the US, the White House is examining the logistical and security implications of Mr Bush travelling to the Greek capital in time for Saturday's football final. The Greek foreign ministry confirmed last night that the US secretary of state, Colin Powell, will be in Athens for the closing ceremony. [Anger as Bush bids to exploit Olympic games]

There was further anger here when there were suggestions that President Bush would come to the Olympics if Iraq had won their semi-final soccer match against Paraguay on Tuesday. It was seen by many IOC members as another move by the US president to exploit the Olympics in his campaign against his Democratic rival John Kerry. [Top International Olympic Committee officials are furious at what they see as US President George Bush's hijacking of the Olympic name for his re-election campaign.]

SOMEBODY has to be feeling grateful and generous to help out Owwer Leedur in his time of travail! Why, didn't he help Iraq become a free democracy?

Robert Scheer: Iraqi soccer players kick the stuffing out of Bush's fantasy

In an eerie echo of previous presidents who knowingly lied us into the Vietnam horror, always affirming that victory was "just around the corner," Bush's latest campaign ads prematurely declare Afghanistan and Iraq as the world's newest democracies. According to the implicit logic of one ad, the proof can be found in the fact that they both sent teams to the Olympics.

Never mind that both countries are racked by insurgencies and warlordism and dependent on U.S. troops for what passes for security. Forget that both countries are under martial law and their leaders are unelected U.S. appointees. Cover your eyes to the fact that both countries are squalid economic basket cases, with the vast majority of the populace unemployed -- or, in the case of Afghanistan, cultivating opium poppies. Ignore the facts. They're democracies because George W. Bush says so.

But members of the very successful Iraqi Olympic soccer team beg to differ, blasting Bush's attempt to use their participation in the Games as justification for the U.S. occupation of their country. These are not anonymous bomb throwers sending notes to the media. These are Iraq's favorite sons, stars of the national sport. Yet they all seem to be saying the same thing: America's military is not wanted on our land.

"My problems are not with the American people," Iraq's soccer coach, Adnan Hamad Majeed, told the Associated Press. "They are with what America has done in Iraq: destroy everything. The American Army has killed so many people in Iraq."

His star midfielder, Salih Sadir, agreed: "Iraq as a team doesn't want Mr. Bush to use us [in an ad] for the presidential campaign... We don't wish for the presence of the Americans in our country. We want them to go away."

Another team member, Ahmed Manajid, demanded to know: "How will [Bush] meet his God having slaughtered so many men and women? He has committed so many crimes." The athlete added that were he not playing for his country he would "for sure" be fighting in the Iraqi resistance. "I want to defend my home. If a stranger invades America and the people resist, does that mean they are terrorists?" Manajid asked.

That is a legitimate question that no one in the Bush administration and few in Congress want to grapple with. And yet we wonder why, 15 months after the United States "liberated" Iraq, are there so many people there who hate us?

What do you mean 'us', Mr. Scheer? I point out the coach's statement: "My problems are not with the American people...", and the team member's: "How will [Bush] meet his God...". These people know who the problem is. We Americans should as well. Certainly the Irish know who their friends are! When Bu$h visited Eire recently, he had to be surrounded by tanks. Check out the following and note the difference:

Thousands line streets for Clinton event
WEDNESDAY 25/08/2004 14:59:52 

Bill Clinton was treated like a long lost son on the streets of Dublin today. The former US President, who played such a pivotal role in the Northern Ireland peace process, was cheered by thousands when he turned up for a book signing at a city centre store. The 58-year-old was greeted with huge applause by around 1,000 onlookers lining O`Connell Street outside Eason`s bookstore, many of whom had queued throughout the night. Wearing a bright green T-shirt, he waved to the crowds before breaking away from minders and making a beeline for waiting staff, telling them it was "wonderful" to be back in Ireland. It was his first time in Dublin since his Presidency ended in January, 2001, and there was not a dissenting voice to be heard as he autographed 1,500 copies of his memoirs.

Fans included a young girl, Orla Daly from Cavan, who was born just minutes after the IRA declared their first ceasefire at midnight on September 1, 1994. She said: "I am just so happy to meet him."

Mary Lavin from Naas, Co Kildare was first in the queue having endured 12 hours in the wind and rain. "I am absolutely speechless," she said. I have always been interested in politics and admired Bill Clinton. He has been a wonderful friend to Ireland." Mr Clinton last visited Dublin as his Presidency drew to a close in December 2000. At the time his role in the peace process was heralded as one of the key achievements of his eight years in office.

The lucky fan who bagged the most time with the former President was seven-week old Chiara Paternostro, born in Washington DC. As he cradled the tiny baby in his arms, Mr Clinton was told she was a future voter for his wife Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mother Eavan O`Halloran from Dublin said: "He told me he hopes she will vote. This is her moment. We queued from 6.30am so she will be able to look back at the pictures when she`s older. Who doesn`t want to meet Bill Clinton?"

Eason`s general manager Martin Black said the signing had been the best event ever held at the famous store, the rapturous reception outdoing previous records set by Roy Keane and David Beckham. "Mr Clinton eclipsed everyone," he said. "Selling that many hardback books worth 30 euro has broken all records. We have never experienced anything like it."

After the two-hour signing Mr Clinton made a point of shaking hands with scores of waiting fans outside.

No tanks, Bill!

Doesn't quite match what the Iraqis had to say about Bu$h, does it?

They're just a bunch of spoiled and overpaid athletes, seeking attention beyond what they deserve. Maybe George should trade them to Chicago also, the ingrates!

So it's beginning to look like maybe George isn't leaving the country - who really wants to see him? Only those who aren't seeking a photo opportunity or an autograph! Maybe the lib'rul media got the rumor wrong. There IS a 'War on Terra' going on! So, Bu$h isn't going to Athens, Greece - he's going to Athens, Texas!

Is there any other Athens?

Why Bush Wants To Go To Athens, TX

Question: You're not going to Athens this week, are you? Bush: Athens, Texas?
- [Bush, 8/23/04]


Bush Gave His Athens Property A Tax Break [Baltimore Sun, 8/24/99]

"When Gov. George W. Bush goes fishing at his lakeside retreat [in Athens, TX], he can be sure the biggest bite won't come from the tax man. Along with cutting property taxes for Texans, Bush has managed to reduce his tax bill by half on the rustic hideaway. The Republican presidential candidate is among homeowners who have qualified for reduced taxes on private lake property in the piney woods of East Texas."

Bush’s Rainbo Club Estate Manipulated Recreational Tax Exemption For Tax Break [Austin American-Statesman, 11/9/95; Boston Globe, 1/3/0/00]

When Rainbo Club no longer qualified for an agricultural exemption, one of the club’s members, who was also a lawyer, came across another tax break. In 1992, Rainbo Club filed for recreational status. The club rewrote their deed to say, “The restricted land shall be used only and solely for recreational, park or scenic use, for individual or group sporting or recreational activities as defined in the statutes.” In 1994, the 1,187 acres of Rainbo Club was valued at $652,850, but due to the recreational exemption, the club only paid taxes on $258,400, paying $6,174 in taxes instead of $13,534.

This exemption is rare in Central Texas. The former chairman of the Henderson County Appraisal District board said, "I think they are within the law, but I think it is a lousy law."

So here they saved $7400 in taxes, which divided among X number of millionaires comes to a cost for each less than the 'relief' most Americans got from Bu$h'$ cuts.

But then, it isn't the results that count - it's the image of taking action to achieve it that matters. That's why there aren't any scoreboards in George Bu$h'$ world - he'd have to show big negative numbers - except for the body count.

Come to think of it, that also is a big negative.

"Curses! Failed again!"

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