Thursday :: Aug 26, 2004

Los Angeles Times Poll Shows Kerry Suffered Slight Damage From Swifties' Smears

by Steve

(Graphic courtesy of the Los Angeles Times)

Proving once again that lies, smears, and a delayed response to them can hurt a campaign, the first major national poll to come out since the Swifties attacks shows that John Kerry has suffered slightly from those attacks. According to a Los Angeles Times poll out late last night, Bush has moved slightly ahead of Kerry nationally for the first time all year, and this is before Bush moves through his convention and gets a 6-8 point bounce. The poll also shows that Bush improved his position on the issue of honesty, which tells you all you need to know about what Kerry should be hammering him on in the coming weeks, now that Bush through the Swifties has raised this issue against Kerry himself.

According to the Times poll, Bush now leads Kerry 49%-46%, when Kerry had led Bush 48%-46% before the Democratic convention. The poll was taken through Tuesday, and with so many of the Swifties’ claims being exposed as lies this week, it is difficult to gauge how such revelations will affect this poll a week from now.

It should be noted that Bush enjoyed virtually no change in his approval rating since July, and both he and Kerry had a 53% favorable rating. And Bush still clocks in at a 49% “don’t re-elect” rating. It appears from the poll that the Swifties flap has allowed Bush and Rove to firm up their base since July, but not make significant inroads into Kerry’s base or even the swing voting blocks.

The biggest challenge for Kerry is that 4 in 10 of those polled still don’t know about his policies, which means the campaign must push through the media “All Swifties, all the time” blast furnace and keep hammering the real issues in this campaign, while a Tier Two campaign keeps hammering Bush’s lies and overall lack of integrity.

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