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"There's One For You, Nineteen For Me..."

by pessimist

George Warmonger Bu$h is truly a leader for the weak-minded opportunists of the world. Take this poor excuse for a public servant - PLEASE!!:

Youngstown's Democratic mayor endorses Bush

George M. McKelvey, a Democrat in his second term, said he had no intention of becoming a Republican but might accept an invitation from Ohio Republicans to attend the Republican National Convention in New York. McKelvey said his decision came after he had gotten to know Bush. He and his wife were guests of Bush at the White House last May, after the president promoted community health centers during a visit to Youngstown, Ohio's eighth largest city with about 79,000 residents. [Demonstrates the weak mind - ed]

"What has our community received in return for the past loyal support for Democratic presidential candidates? Dare I speak the answer? Nothing," McKelvey said. "What has our community received in return for the past loyal support for Democratic presidential candidates? Dare I speak the answer? Nothing," McKelvey said.

Now for the opportunism

Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, questioned McKelvey's motives. "I'm not sure what the mayor's agenda is, but it isn't Youngstown's," she said. In the 2000 presidential election, Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic nominee, received 69,212 votes to 40,460 for Bush in Mahoning County, which includes Youngstown. Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 5-1 ratio, according to the Mahoning County Board of Elections.

That's OK, Mr. Mayor. If you weren't able to get anything out of Washington, it's because you didn't play the game right. Other Democrats managed to get money out of Washington, even my own Congressman who's otherwise totally useless. Since you're such an obvious incompetent, you won't be missed. Bu$h is welcome to you! We're being more than amply compensated for our loss of you from his ranks anyway.

Many Republicans see fit not to support George Warmonger Bu$h this fall. Their reasons vary, but they are all disappointed in the person and performance of George Warmonger Bu$h. We'll let them speak for themselves about this.

Another Republican for Kerry: A Highly Transparent Diversion
- and -
Why this Republican dad is voting for Kerry
by Tom Terez (Columbus, Ohio)

[Italic comments from Why We Support John Kerry...]

What disturbs me the most is the moral climate being established by President Bush and his Administration. President Bush is absolutely right when he says that values should be a prominent topic in this crucial election. As a registered Republican, I've felt this way for years -- long before my first child was born. It's why this dad will be voting for John Kerry. As a registered Republican, I am stunned that so many in our political party are so staunchly defending President Bush. It's time we put the good of our country ahead of our partisan interests.
I was a life-long Republican, my family members are all Republicans, but this year I reregistered as a Democrat because I can't stand what the Republicans are doing to our country right now. - Sue from Boulder, Colorado

I am supporting John Kerry because I want to be proud of my country and proud to be an American again. - Reid from Woodside, CA

I’ve never seen a stronger candidate for office since I began voting in 1976. - David from Miami, Florida

In case you're wondering, I've been an active Republican for years. As a grade-schooler in the early 1970s, I went door to door handing out GOP campaign literature. As a young adult in the early 1980s, I was such a party stalwart that friends called me Alex -- after Michael J. Fox's conservative TV character on "Family Ties." In the 1990s, I proudly served for seven years in the Voinovich Administration when he was governor.

I worked on the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign in Illinois. In fact, I went to Florida for the recount. I volunteered for the Inaugural Committee. Needless to say, I was a die-hard Republican "Kool-Aid Drinker" for Bush. After the past three years in office, and three scary State of the Union addresses, I find it difficult to admit to the above actions I took for Bush. I gladly pledge my support of John Kerry's campaign. I may get kicked off the Polk Country GOP Central Committee, but the President is too right-winged for my liking. - Jacqui from Illinois

I was an intern on GWB's last campaign. It started out a summer job, and then I was asked to stay on through the election, and then offered a job in DC after the win. Long story short: no one was a bigger GWB supporter than me, but I have seen his negativity, ineptitude, and mismanagement over the past 4 years and I can't wait until Kerry is in the Whitehouse! This is one Texas resident who can't wait to vote! Go Kerry/Edwards! - Aaron from Dallas, TX

I was an elected Republican official on the local level and served on the Dade County Republican Executive Committee when Jeb Bush was Chairman and ran for the state legislature in 1984 and was elected mayor of a small city in Dade County in 1985 and served on a Dade County Community Council until last year. We need more awareness of the numbers of Republicans who are NOT voting for Bush. Count me in! - Karen from Miami, Florida

I'm a former employee of the Bush '41 White House. I worked for Bush/Quayle in 1992, Dole/Kemp in 1996, and voted for Bush/Cheney in 2000. I am voting for and supporting John Kerry in 2004. I'm still proud (for the most part) of working for Bush '41, but his son has proven to be an embarrassment for our country. Granted I only played a small role in these organizations (i.e. Advance work, White House Administrative Office, Press office for Dole/Kemp), but I'm very serious about my passion to move George W. Bush Out of the White House. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. - Douglas

So what happened? Why did I yell myself hoarse in support of John Kerry at a recent rally? Why did I host a John Kerry fundraiser? Why am I writing this letter? Because of the facts.

This Administration talks about economic renewal, yet in its first 30 months in office, it presided over the loss of three million jobs. In my home state of Ohio, a staggering 230,000 people have been added to the unemployment rolls since George Bush took office. Even with job gains these past few months, President Bush will inflict a net loss of jobs over his four years in office -- a disastrous record last achieved by Herbert Hoover.

We need to protect JOBS from going overseas. The jobs we hear coming back...I'll bet they're at much less income for the wage earner than they were before. It's a job, maybe not a living. - Colleen from Albemarle, North Carolina

My husband (who is former Republican) enjoyed the party and convention party as much as the rest of us. Bruce has seen the light!!!! He is a Software Engineer and especially concerned about his fellow Software Engineer whose jobs have been outsourced to India and China. - Bruce, Teresa & Tara from Nashville, Tennessee

We were promised jobs and yet this administration has delivered those jobs to people overseas not here at home. - Vance from Colorado Springs, CO

As a small business owner, the National Federation of Independent Businesses periodically asks us to fill out surveys. I came up with some good questions for such a survey: How, as a small tuna fisherman, do you feel about losing your market because your fish is full of mercury? - Patrick from Columbus, Ohio

John Kerry understands the concerns that small businesses face every day in America, especially funding issues, such as working capital, business expansion, funding for start-ups businesses. Senator Kerry is a huge supporter of the SBA program. He is one of the few politicians that understands the program, and as I do, believes that the Bush Administration is out to destroy the program, and will destroy it if he is elected again. John Kerry supports small business, and this is why I will support him for president. - John from Mandeville, LA

I am looking for how we can leverage our resources to create a message that will influence our corporate and conservative members to lead a change in the party. - William from San Francisco, CA

As for fiscal responsibility, there is none. This Administration has turned a record budget surplus ($236 billion in 2000) into a record deficit (now approaching $500 billion) in record time. Unless someone can make those voodoo economics finally work, we're on track to stick our children and grandchildren with the biggest bill in U.S. history.

Should President Bush be reducing taxes for the wealthiest Americans at a time when our national debt is sky rocketing? Have you adjusted your savings for your children's future, realizing they will not only have to pay for their own retirement, pay your Social Security AND pay off the debts Bush ran up via the national debt? - Patrick from Columbus, Ohio

Our economy in Colorado is still really bad, our housing prices have plummeted, and more people than ever in our state cannot obtain any kind of affordable health insurance. - Sue from Boulder, Colorado

Everyone must be made aware of the fact that George Bush represents special interest monied class very rich industrialists who profit on the misery of the American people. - Ron from Kirkville, New York

Medicare and Social Security are both in jeopardy.

We need someone who cares about AMERICANS, our troubles our successes. Health Insurance costs so much we can hardly afford it! Times are hard and I'm tired of it. - Colleen from Albemarle, North Carolina

Mr. Bush can have his measly little $1,500.00 tax break I received last year. After all he'll need it as we continue to rebuild Iraq at the expense of our Social Security system. - Tom from Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I work as a Correctional Psychiatric Social Worker in a Correctional Mental Health facility with Paranoid Schizophrenics who would not have committed their offenses if they had received the proper mental health treatment and medications. - Bruce, Teresa & Tara from Nashville, Tennessee

One of the things that really matters to me is the cost of prescription drugs. During George Bush's term in office, I am spending 5 times more money on my medications every month. I want a President who will contain these costs. I have been a staunch Republican all my life, but I plan to vote for Kerry/Edwards in the fall - Marion from Sterling Virginia

I've always told my kids to work out their problems peacefully -- to use their words and not their fists. But President Bush did just the opposite by putting us at war in Iraq. The United Nations is clearly an imperfect world body, but working through its bureaucracy and frustration would have been a small price when compared to the Iraq toll thus far: 882 U.S. troops killed (as of July 12, 2004), 5,394 U.S. soldiers wounded (as of June 26, according to the Department of Defense),12,100 Iraqis killed, and 36,000 Iraqis wounded. From a moral standpoint, I keep coming back to the question: Who would Jesus bomb?

The military families in our state are outraged by the lack of protective armor supplied to the soldiers, and by the long deployments suffered by their activated Guard and Reserve soldiers. - Sue from Boulder, Colorado

The world problems require a leader who can build coalitions to solve them — and not by invasion. Kerry is that man. - Kevin from Menlo Park, CA

This warmonger president has single handily destroyed America's foreign policy in less than one year. - Tom from Lansdale, Pennsylvania

When the world urged caution and asked the US to wait before attacking Iraq, he wouldn't hear of it...he went against the world opinion for his own. - Colleen from Albemarle, North Carolina

I am supporting John Kerry because swagger is not strength, and lone wolves are not leaders. - William from San Francisco, CA

We need better homeland security and we need to focus our efforts on those set on attacking us. We are spreading ourselves too thin and not doing enough for our troops. - Vance from Colorado Springs, CO

As a parent, I've tried to instill a sense of compassion and empathy in my children -- every person is precious, my wife and I tell them. Now we learn that this Administration sidestepped the Geneva Conventions while warehousing human beings at Guantanamo, Baghram, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere. One week I was hiding a weekly newsmagazine from my kids because the cover photo showed a scantily clad Britney Spears. I thought that was bad -- until we received the issue showing scenes of torture at American-run prisons. Talk about a complete moral collapse.

There's the moral deficit: the rejection of those "quaint" Geneva Conventions, the horror of Abu Ghraib, the gulag-style warehousing of human beings at Guantanamo and Baghram, the complete absence of senior-level accountability, and the way this Administration abuses our patriotism by playing on our fears.

Then there's honesty, trust, apology, and forgiveness. My kids have heard the George Washington story about the cherry tree -- and they'll probably tell it to their kids. Will they also learn that the current President betrayed our trust by leading our country to war on false pretenses?

I'm sorry to say, I do not trust our current President. On many issues, Bush has his own agenda, he doesn't seem to care what the PEOPLE say, popular opinion is not important to him. If he represents the PEOPLE, he should listen to them and not just do what he wants. - Colleen from Albemarle, North Carolina

George Bush does not represent senior citizens, the poor, the sick, young children of school age, or unemployed. He does send out his henchmen to recruit the unemployed youth of American to get themselves killed in Iraq however. This I saw with my own eyes at the War Memorial in Syracuse New York two days ago. - Ron from Kirkville, New York

For me, George Bush's first term has been a huge disappointment. We have invaded the wrong enemy for the wrong reasons and bungled the occupation, we have alienated or humiliated almost all of our former allies, we have run up huge deficits with more to come and now we are fearful of another major terrorist attack. - Loring from Tucson, Arizona

If this is what we get with Republican leadership, my vote goes elsewhere. I hope yours will too.

I'm a lifelong Republican. I decided this time I'm what I like to call RFK...Republicans for Kerry!We need Kerry-Edwards! - Colleen from Albemarle, North Carolina

I have no intention of abandoning Republican principles that I hold dear; fiscal responsibility, state’s rights, respect for our Constitution, respect for the citizens of our country and protecting our country from harm. My support of John Kerry for President is not a 'lesser of two evils' thing — I do not spend my support that cheaply. I think John Kerry embraces those principles and adheres to them more than many in my party and certainly more then George Bush. I do detest Bush, no question, but I also find much to like [in] John Kerry and would like to have him be our President. - Allan from Phoenix, AZ

I am tired of the movement of the Republican Party to the far right. Lincoln's Party is no more!!! I will either change my party affiliation to Democrat or Independent, but one thing is for sure: Kerry has my vote!!! - Guy from Colorado

I am writing to you because I am a Republican, small business owner, who has switched to the Democratic party as a result of Mr. Bush's administration. I am actively supporting Mr. Kerry's campaign. - Patrick from Columbus, Ohio

With all of this going on, you have a better chance than ever to win Colorado. There are moderate Republicans here too, who will vote Democratic this year. Thanks for caring about our vote. - Sue from Boulder, Colorado

Bush's ideology has divided and polarized the nation and I think we've been lied to and manipulated in the process. This election of John Kerry will restore integrity and civility to our government, discipline to our budget and sanity to our foreign relations. - Loring from Tucson, Arizona

I just attended an event with John Edwards in Raleigh yesterday. I will also be attending the upcoming convention in Boston. I too believe that the Bush Regime has lied to America, bullied the world and destroyed the economy. We must have change and it must come now. We must improve the domestic affairs of America and repair our image throughout the world. Therefore, I am supporting the Kerry/Edwards ticket wholeheartedly. - Paxton from Cherokee, North Carolina

I am a Republican and endorse John Kerry for President. I support John Kerry and John Edwards because of the bulging deficits, increasing size of (non-defense) Federal government, continued unprecedented erosion of our right to live our lives free of the government's intrusion, incompetence in handling national defense, poor leadership.... - David from Arlington, Virginia

As a life-long Republican, I find myself absolutely horrified that Bush may get another four years to ruin our economy and further erode our Constitutional Rights. He got us into Iraq without an exit strategy. This lack of foresight shows in his economic plan, including the immense giveaway to Iraq, and his Patriot Act, which makes no provisions for civilian oversight. Expecting the Justice Department to police themselves is laughable. - John from Reno, Nevada

I am a 58 year old, life long, registered Republican. I voted for George Bush four years ago, and before that I wrote in Colin Powell's name rather than vote for Clinton or Dole. I took the AOL match-the-candidate survey and matched John Kerry 100%. I matched Bush 26%. I even re-registered my party affiliation as a Democrat (Can you believe it?) so that I could vote for Kerry in the Florida primaries in March. - Susanna from Bonita Springs, Florida

My support is with Kerry, and I am not alone. I represent a group of Americans, whose votes will mean victory for John Kerry - hopefully our next President. This is coming from none other than a liberal Republican who believes George W. Bush is an embarrassment having undone what it took Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter nearly 100 years to accomplish. I say Bush No More in 2004! - Tom from Lansdale, Pennsylvania

My husband, four-year-old daughter, and I hosted a convention party. My husband grilled hamburgers. Each guests provided a dish. We had eight adults, our four-year-old daughter and a three-year-old little boy. The little ones began yelling, " President, President! " as John Kerry began speaking Thursday night. The adults all gathered around the television in our living room with cheers during John Kerry's speech. We have been glad to open up our home for Kerry/ Edwards events. We will continue to support these events when the need arises. - Bruce, Teresa & Tara from Nashville, Tennessee

My three sons and I have never felt more disenfranchised by a political machine than the one who now controls the White House. As soon as I realized what this regime was up to I immediately went to my polling place and changed my political affiliation from Republican to Democrat. My sons never were Republicans however and were pleased that I finally saw the light. I support your efforts in all ways. - Ron from Kirkville, New York

I grew up in DuPage County, Illinois - a bastion of Republican strength. I grew up in a family that was active in Republican politics for decades. I was a committed Goldwater Republican! I'm 60 years old. I currently live with, and assist, my 86 year old mother. She has never before voted for a Democrat. We can assure you that will change come November. - Philip and Marjorie from Wheaton, IL

I am a registered Republican, and I support John Kerry. Gephardt was right: George Bush has been a miserable failure in almost all of his endeavors. From his war on terrorism that I believe has made us less safe, to his turning a budget surplus into a huge deficit, he just doesn't seem to be competent. - Ian from Sarasota, Florida

Country before Party. George W. made a lot of promises when he interviewed and we granted him the job of President. Unfortunately he has failed to live up to many of the promises. We see our country more divided not united as he promised when running in 2000. I am a true Kerry supporter as I believe W has had his chance to prove what he can do for our country and it is time for a change. - Vance from Colorado Springs, CO

Go Kerry! - Patrick from Columbus, Ohio

What about John Kerry? We know that he showed tremendous courage in Vietnam. We know that he took lives and saved lives. We know from his letters to home that he struggled emotionally and spiritually to make sense of it all. And we know that he went on to challenge the powers that wanted war at any cost. Kerry has convictions -- without the dangerous stubbornness that marks the current Administration.

John Kerry understands the military and the challenges it faces and he will deliver a responsible economic plan to get things back on track. I am often skeptical of Democratic platforms and promises but have read this year and see a moderate and even somewhat conservative plan being presented by them and the Kerry camp. I will vote, campaign for, and work hard to make John Kerry our next President. He deserves the job and I believe that he will do a great job! - Vance from Colorado Springs, CO

As you may have noted, many of these comments have come from states that should be strongly in the Republican column: Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, even Texas itself. They each speak for hundreds, if not thousands, of others who feel as they do, but have yet to publicly reveal their feelings on the future of their country to anyone.

If ever there was a better sign that Bu$hCo is about to close its doors, I have yet to see it.

Republicans for Kerry-Edwards

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