Thursday :: Aug 26, 2004

Chill Everyone Chill

by Steve

I find myself saying this too often lately, and as I have been the first one to admit, I am guilty of it myself. No, I am not going to issue the Rodney King appeal here, but one more time I ask for all of us here to at least tolerate each other and their differing opinions. This is obviously a message for both our valued commenters, as well as we editors here.

Look, you can give any damn sociological reason you want, and each of us has our own theory, but the simple truth is that we live in poisoned political times. You don't need pollsters to tell you that. But it has gotten so bad that the small subset of the populace that frequents blogs, who despite my thoughts to the contrary are better informed than most, can't even be civil most of the time. Sure, it is a residue of how the conservatives felt in the 90's, and we now have the center-left backlash to that. Conservatives should be under no illusion that those of us on the center-left are going to be bullied by you into shutting up or not defending our beliefs, just as we had no illusion that you would have done the same in the 90's. But repeating lies or unfounded or already-discredited conservative talking points isn't going to advance any argument here.

Keep in mind here the difference between arguing facts in evidence and challenging someone's beliefs or perceptions. People are entitled to their beliefs and they are responsible for what they perceive. Just because someone says that they feel Bush is a bad president or that Kerry would be a bad president doesn't allow a frontal attack on what they believe. If someone says however that Bush or Kerry is a liar, then a request for examples or proof is not unwarranted. Assertions contrary to the facts in evidence are best left for where they are welcome, which is the right-wing media.

I am well past my limit of accepting comments from people who come on this site seemingly for the sole purpose of throwing out incendiary nonsense to get a reaction from others. Save it for the right-wing blogs, but don't bring it here. It is bad enough that this site is running slower and slower because spammers are flooding our older comment threads, in many cases I might add by curiously following the last troll post in that thread. I don't want to also have to see flame wars continue here.

Enough moralizing. Take a breath everyone. You hate Kerry because you believe the discredited Swifties crap? That's your decision. You want to blame Clinton for all the evil in the world? That's your decision. You are offended that a Vietnam vet is challenging a combat-dodging boy of privilege? That's your problem.

Let's move on.

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