Friday :: Aug 27, 2004

French Fried

by larre

I take no pleasure in the serious troubles of others, but it has to be acknowledged that hypocrites bring it on themselves. The Oregonian reports Swift Boat liar Alfred French has been suspended as assistant county attorney for Clackamas County.

Clackamas County prosecutor Alfred French, who called Sen. John Kerry a liar in a political commercial, acknowledged Thursday that he lied to his boss when confronted about an extramarital affair with a colleague.
Hours later, the Clackamas County district attorney's office said French had been placed on a 30-day paid leave while it conducts an investigation into his conduct.

French admitted to The Oregonian that he had the affair and denied it to O'Leary. He declined to discuss details of the relationship, saying only that "it is an indiscretion that occurred during my employment."

The woman in question still works at the district attorney's office but does not report to French, according to the current Clackamas County district attorney, John Foote.
* * *

Since the anti-Kerry commercial catapulted to the forefront of the presidential campaign last week, French has been the target of protesters who say he violated legal ethics in his affidavit.

In the document, French said Kerry "wildly exaggerated and lied about his record in Vietnam." He asserts Kerry received two of his three Purple Hearts under false pretenses.

French also said Kerry lied about the record of their unit twice when he returned from Vietnam. But French later acknowledged that he was relying on the account of trusted friends when he said Kerry lied about the two Purple Hearts.

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