Tuesday :: Aug 31, 2004

Ram Bush's Convention And Platform Down His Throat

by Steve

As expected, the GOP’s head speakers last night, Rudy (“I moved my mistress into the official residence”) Giuliani and John (“Stop running those ads or I’ll take off these kneepads”) McCain praised W’s success in fighting the war on terror. Unlike the Democrats last month in Boston, the GOP under Bush has decided immediately to run an aggressive and hard-hitting convention with pointed attacks by all speakers so far at John Kerry. Almost all of the first night turned out to be a backward-looking exploitation of 9/11 for political gain. Gee, whatever happened to that forward-looking campaign that Bush promised?

After seeing the first night, it appears the GOP will base its argument for Bush’s reelection on his performance in dealing with the war on terror, and his proposals for a second term, all of which seem to be things he didn’t care to propose during his first term. Remember all the times our GOP friends on this site have said that Kerry deserves whatever grief he gets for his military record because he made his service the centerpiece of his convention last month? Well, by applying the same rules of attack against Bush, we Democrats should therefore be able to slam Bush mercilessly the remainder of this race for his record in the war on terror and his pathetic underachieving domestic record here at home.

After all, when Bush blathers on and on Thursday night about the “ownership society” and his litany of Social Security privatization, tort reform, giving people more control over their lives, and his tax cuts, we Democrats should be ready, willing, and able to point out that Mr. Bush and the GOP have had all three branches of the government for years now and haven’t been able to sell America on any of the things that Bush now says he suddenly wants to do in a second term. Mr. Bush said in 2000 that voters should vote for him because Mr. Gore had the White House for years and hadn’t done anything; it was time to get out the way and let Mr. Bush take action. Well, we’ve been seeing zip from this White House on health insurance for the uninsured, energy independence, global warming, Social Security, tort reform, and a range of other issues, after he botched Medicare drug reform in a sell-out to his corporate benefactors. But we are now supposed to give this lazy disinterested bastard another four years, after seeing his sorry record on the economy? No, let’s make Mr. Bush run on his platform and try and defend it to swing voters.

As for that successful war on terror, remember when Mr. Bush browbeat Democrats for holding out for civil service protections for Homeland Security employees, when Mr. Bush said it was important that he have the authority to deal effectively with these employees for national security reasons, unencumbered by silly due process? Then why is Mr. Bush still coddling drunk and asleep air marshals?

And if Mr. Bush wants to be judged on his performance as a leader of the war on terror, then why is he toning down his rhetoric about that war? Can we win the war Mr. Bush, or not? If we are doing so well with our war overseas, then why are we diverting money from reconstruction to security in Iraq? If Bush wants to be judged on how he has done in that war on terror, we need more speeches like the one given by John Edwards yesterday blasting Bush’s record in that war.

Is Mr. Bush’s approach in fighting the war on terror to deal with terrorists, like his father did in the 1980’s? It sure looks that way, as evidence emerges that Bush’s true believers in the Pentagon opened channels to the same shady Iranian arms dealers that Reagan and Ollie North dealt with. Why? So that the Bush Administration could deal with known terrorist groups that might topple the Iranian regime. This is like a bad replay of the mistakes of Iran/Contra.

So if the GOP wants to make the war on terror and Bush’s second term agenda the centerpiece of their election campaign this convention, fine. If Kerry, according to our GOP friends, deserved to be skinned and bashed on his military record because he made it the centerpiece of his convention, then by the same logic Bush deserves to be skinned and bashed on his record in the war on terror and his sorry domestic record as well.

Let the Iran/Contra comparisons, the deaths in Iraq, Wall Street’s interest in Social Security privatization and their contributions to Bush, the growing number of Americans without health insurance and in poverty, Halliburton, Abu Ghraib, porous security here at home, and Al Qaeda’s growth be hammered over and over again in the next eight weeks. Why? Because whatever you emphasize at your convention is fair game for attack ads, as the GOP tells us. So, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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