Tuesday :: Aug 31, 2004

Who's The Flip Flopper Now?

by Steve

You gotta love the AP headline for Bush’s flip-flop today:

“Bush Now Saying ‘We Will Win’ Terror War”

In a speech to the national convention of the American Legion, Bush said, "We meet today in a time of war for our country, a war we did not start yet one that we will win."

That statement differed from Bush's earlier comment, aired Monday in a pre-taped television interview, that "I don't think you can win" the war on terror.

That had Democrats running for the cameras to criticize Bush for being defeatist and flip-flopping from previous predictions of victory.

"What if President Reagan had said that it may be difficult to win the war against communism? What if other presidents had said it'd be difficult to win the war — the Cold War?" Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards said on ABC's "Nightline" program. "The war on terrorism is absolutely winnable."

Bush elaborated further in an interview Tuesday with Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio host. "What I meant was that it's not a conventional war," Bush said. "I probably needed to be more articulate."

Yeah, as if that was possible Skippy.

Bush's comment — and the ensuing criticism — took attention away from the carefully crafted image of Bush being broadcast from the Republican National Convention in New York, as a decisive wartime commander in chief who is securing America's safety and sure of the course on which he has set the nation.

As Bush continued a pre-convention journey through one closely contested state after another, aides scrambled to clarify the president's remark and contain the story.

Note that once again, at a critical stressful moment, Bush needed someone else at his side. Before the 9/11 Commission, it was Cheney. Today, before the American Legion, Bush needed McCain to hold his hand. What a weenie!

He who lives by the Rove-speak can die by it as well. So much for the flip-flop charge. I’m anxiously awaiting the Kerry TV commercials showing the clip from the Today show interview juxtaposed with today’s American Legion speech, showing that they occurred days from each other, with the voiceover “This is no time for an unsteady president who flip-flops in the war on terror.”

And if that TV commercial isn’t running in all battleground states within two days, Kerry doesn’t deserve to win. I don't want to hear any damn excuses either. James Carville would be the first to tell you that a successful campaign needs to be flexible and ruthless enough to capitalize immediately on your opponent's mistakes while they are still fresh.

So take out the blade Shrum and draw some blood, and do it now.

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