Wednesday :: Sep 1, 2004

Media Contacts

by Duckman GR

As promised earlier, here's a link to a list for media and politician contacts.

It's a long list.

It has several links to other groups.

Southpaw put a lot of work into it, so let's not let all that work go to waste, eh!?

It's from Southpaw's DKos diary which was prompted by the Kos thread on where was the Dem response.

I don't know where the Dem response on the TV coverage of the RNC was because they didn't seem to have any Democrats, unlike at the Democrat Convention. I gotta figure that it wasn't because the Dems weren't there in NYC, but I sure would like to know.

I gotta figure it's because the media are a bunch of sycophants for whatever talking points Grover and the Bug Man and Big Time Dick give them, but I could be wrong. But we won't know until we ask, now will we?


Let us know what you get back from them. And don't forget your local news media too.

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