Wednesday :: Sep 1, 2004

Convention Notes: The Usual GOP Liars, Hypocrites, And Flip-Floppers

by Steve

Here’s some convention-related material for you:

The GOP is actually touting today the advent of a period of “Bush prosperity.” (I kid you not.) With Cheney scheduled to speak tonight, Democrats were laying in the weeds today for this talk of a Bush prosperity by talking up “Mr. Halliburton.” Of course, while Mr. Halliburton talks about how good things are for all of us in a period of Bush prosperity, I’m sure swing voters afflicted with once-again rising oil prices and plunging consumer confidence due to a lack of jobs will wonder what planet the GOP are on.

The GOP’s other main speaker tonight, Zell Miller, is the poster child for flip-flopping racists. (scroll down)

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post pointed out this morning that most of Rudy Giuliani’s criticisms of John Kerry Monday night were disingenuous, at best and at worst lies. But this is not surprising coming as it does from a man who publicly humiliated his wife for the sake of his mistress.

John McCain, Monday night’s other prostitute for Bush, slammed Michael Moore for a movie that McCain hasn’t seen.

The Post also points out this morning that the Washington lobbyists from Bush’s campaign contributors are actually running this GOP convention, and not the party or its delegates.

The Post also gave a “thumbs down” to the Bush twins. Even Howie Kurtz trashed them.

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger pokes fun at Democrats about their alleged lies, he may want to revisit his own campaign promises not to raise money from special interests. David Corn of The Nation notes that Schwarzenegger is keeping with the tradition of other convention speakers of not telling the whole truth.

Barry Yeoman of Mother Jones runs a piece on the lengths that Rove is going to sweep the far right under the rug and out of sight this week away from the cameras, and the risks that such a banishment entail.

Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America’s Future points out that Bush’s empty agenda and call for an “ownership society” is nothing more than a Trojan horse for transferring government and employer responsibilities to workers.

The New York Times points out that the Bush campaign’s two track strategy (dare I say a “Tier Two” strategy) of tearing Kerry down while making Bush all warm and soft-looking is opposite the directions Kerry gave to the Democrats last month.

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