Wednesday :: Sep 1, 2004

Still More Getting Better Economy

by Duckman GR

Steve already posted some BushCo love but I wanted to, in preparation H of Big Time Dick's lovefest at the RNC presentation, give some more RNC Love

And in a stirring example of understatement I give you Steven Wood, chief economist at Insight Economics in Danville, California. (ed.-my bolds)

"A re-acceleration in hiring is needed to bolster consumer attitudes about the economy. More jobs will also generate faster income growth that will support consumer spending,"

A shiny quarter for Mr. Wood's insight!!

"A lot is riding on companies hiring more workers."

Consumer hopes soured on both the current state of the economy and the outlook, with the present situation index sliding to 100.7 in August from 106.4 the prior month. The expectations index also fell sharply, to 96.6 from 105.3.

And for those Midwestern Red Staters, there's this RNC Good News:

A separate report showed growth at Midwest businesses easing in August, with the National Association of Purchasing Management-Chicago's index falling to 57.3 in August from 64.7, deeper than the retreat to 60.8 economists had forecast.

Bob Kuttner has the wrap up for how good the economy is under Bush's steady leadership.

In each case the administration program doesn't really address the underlying problem. Rather, the purpose is either to help an industry ally, stir up the party base, or advance an ideological goal (or all three).

And that's it in a nutshell. Especially, at first, the industry ally. That's why bush was picked to be GOP nominee in the first place, a Big Business boy toy. Look at his record in the first 6 months. Tax cuts, deregulation, tax cuts, castrated EPA, did I mention tax cuts? A Big Business wet dream. Then 9/11 happened and the nasty baggage that has attached itself to the formerly Grand Old Party, pushed their agenda along with a raving opportunity for Big Time to advance his Halliburton Boy's.

And you wonder why we want these people out?

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