Thursday :: Sep 2, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Via Brad DeLong, we find this enthusiatic expression of support for Bush's election. The party of Tony Blair publishes a magazine that shows they are firmly backing Blair's pal:

In an editorial in its journal of the same name next week, Progress says: "By his manner, his rhetoric and sometimes his actions George Bush has presented to the world an image of America that its friends know is not its true face. That is why those who recognise that American leadership is vital and a force for good in an uncertain world will wish John Kerry well."

According to this article, Peter Hain's statements have the full backing of No 10 Downing. So much for the lap poodle's support of the leader of the free world. And the Republicans ask whether Kerry is capable of taking over the reins? So who else has Bush alienated with his bull in the china shop routine?

Okay, it's your turn now.

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