Thursday :: Sep 2, 2004

Another Bu$h Lap Dog To The Pound Down Under?

by pessimist

We've already discussed a bit about Tony Blair facing impeachment in the House of Commons, which while the process is a bit different than ours, results in the same thing - removal from office. But he isn't the only one facing removal from office: Australian Prime Minister John Howard may be defeated in an upcoming election:

Prime Minister John Howard will become the first of three allied leaders who launched the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq to face voters, having announced Sunday that Australians will go to the polls on Oct. 9. The date comes ahead of the U.S. presidential ballot, on Nov. 2, and British elections early next year.

Howard's decision to send 2,000 troops to join U.S. and British forces in the invasion of Iraq triggered the biggest street protests in Australia since the Vietnam War. So far, Australia has had no casualties in Iraq.

And this election is so important, even Bu$h is campaigning on Howard's behalf!

Bush has condemned Labor's agenda as dangerous, in public criticisms that political observers described as unprecedented interference by a U.S. president in Australian domestic politics.

Howard, for his part, has vowed to keep Australian troops in Iraq as long as they are needed and wanted by the Iraqis. He argues that Australia won respect around the world through its Iraq policy and involvement in the war on terror.

But the Labor Party opposition is campaigning hard on opinion polls that suggest most Australians believe Howard misled them about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction one of the key justifications he gave for Australia's joining the invasion. "I can agree with the prime minister in saying the election is about trust, and people don't trust this government anymore, with good reason," Labor leader Mark Latham told reporters after Howard called the election.

Labor opposed Australia's sending troops to support the U.S. invasion, and Latham, before he became party leader, described Bush as "the most dangerous U.S. president in living memory."

I guess the Canadians aren't the only foreigners who can see this! If only more Americans had open eyes and working brains!

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