Thursday :: Sep 2, 2004

Fear and Despair

by Duckman GR

That's all they have. Big Time tries to scare the crap out of moderates, independents, to get them to vote for bush, and Unhinged Madman Miller tries to depress the crap out of Democrats so they won't vote.

They have become for all to see the party of fear. No, not what you're thinking. They think they're trying to scare us, but what they're really doing is revealing their own fear. They're scared shitless, not to put too fine a point on it.

Look at unhinged Zell's lines,

For my family is more important than my party..... The man I trust to protect my most precious possession: my family.

He wants his daddy to protect him. That's the gop of today, a bunch of scared witless children.

But meanwhile, in the real world of adults, this is the news.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials note that in fact, the frequency of terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim radicals is increasing, not decreasing. Moreover, they say the attacks carried out by what they now refer to as “central al-Qaida” are being dwarfed by those carried out by affiliates.

Daddy's war has only made things worse, not better, but the gop just doesn't see it that way.

And on the home front, us lucky duckies, well, you read it.

Even though the economy has added 1.5 million jobs over the past year, that has not come close to making up for the 2.6 million jobs that disappeared in the recession of 2001 and its aftermath. Employers have responded to increasing demand mainly by squeezing more out of existing workers — often after multiple rounds of layoffs.

We should be glad we have jobs at all, right?

Chief executives of U.S. companies that outsourced the greatest number of jobs reaped bigger pay and benefits last year, according to a new study of executive compensation being released Tuesday.

But don't worry, over there in the Axis of Evil, our ally, Pakistan, our comrade in arms against the terrorists, George W. Bush's second best buddy after the KGB assassin, I mean Russian President, well, the headline says it best.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, returning from a brief visit to Panama, told reporters yesterday that the Bush administration was still studying the report but that the United States would definitely push the agency's board of governors in September to refer Iran's lack of cooperation to the United Nations Security Council, where further steps would be considered.

Whereas in Iraq which had no nuclear weapons or programs or means for either and didn't aid the terrorists like Iran did, we had to rush to war, but in places that represent real threats, or real potential, Bush will push the U.N. to consider further steps.

See, the thing is, I've got a father. One's plenty, thank you very much.

You'ld think the party that spouts claims of responsibility would make more sense, but they don't. I hear bush is going to talk about self responsibility tonight. Yet at the same time his party, scared little rabbits that they are, seek the shelter of their Daddy. But their Daddy is just a fool behind the curtin, well, no actually, he's the Big Scary Oz dude, and Big Time Dick is the fool behind the curtin, but either way, that ain't reality people. Daddy isn't going to save you, especially a dry drunk bullying fool who still wants to go mano a mano with his Daddy.


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