Thursday :: Sep 2, 2004

The Post Does A Page One On The GOP Lies About Kerry

by Steve

Glenn Kessler and Dan Morgan of the Washington Post get a Page One story in tomorrow's paper that smacks down all the lies and distortions of Dick Cheney and Zell Miller about John Kerry's record on defense issues. The story points out that some of the alleged votes by Kerry against weapons systems mentioned by both Miller and Cheney were in fact on systems that Cheney and Poppy Bush himself wanted to eliminate. And the smear against Kerry by Miller about the UN actually came from a quote by Kerry - back in the 70's. Furthermore, as I tried to tell our winger friends here every time they bring up the alleged Kerry vote against our troops in Iraq, the Post correctly points out that this charge is false, as Kerry did in fact support the request for the troops but differed on the funding, the reconstruction money, and whether there would be a tax increase to pay for it.

All in all, a good piece which shows that Cheney, Miller, and our winger friends here who repeat this crap are nothing but liars.

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