Friday :: Sep 3, 2004

Focus Grouping Ourselves to Death

by rayman

Some of our loyal readers may have gotten the sense that we've been unduly harsh against Bob Shrum in the past few days. After all, he is one of the most celebrated attack dogs in the Democratic Party, right? Er, no:

One of the major fault lines within the Kerry campaign recently has been between the tactical doves and hawks. The doves, said to be led by Bob Shrum, which is ironic considering that in previous campaigns he has produced some of the toughest attack ads in politics, have counseled Kerry to remain above the fray, apparently believing all those focus groups of swing voters who say they despise negative attacks. The hawks have watched in frustration as Kerry spent August losing many of the gains he had made on national security and character issues at his convention. Well, that debate is now settled, and the hawks have prevailed.

The grown-ups finally are in charge over at Kerry HQ, and not a minute too soon.

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