Friday :: Sep 3, 2004

Arnold the Moderate Republican-Same as They Ever Was

by Duckman GR

Arnold, the soft fuzzy face of the Republicans? The Nixon lovin moderate Arnold?

What was the line, Arnold "Dazzles" GOP Convention? In his mendacity perhaps. Try as they might, the fact remains that he's a typical Bush republican, give to Big Business so they can give to you. To wit. (ed-my bolds and u's throughout)

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambitious plan to reorganize almost every aspect of state government was influenced significantly by oil and gas giant ChevronTexaco Corp., which managed to shape such key recommendations as the removal of restrictions on oil refineries.


Chevron, whose officials acknowledge they lobbied hard to get their ideas in the report, is one of about 20 companies that paid to send the governor and his staff to this week's Republican National Convention in New York. On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger attended a closed-door meeting in New York with representatives of those companies, including Chevron. And just three weeks after the governor's office released the 2,700-page reorganization report, the company gave $100,000 to a Schwarzenegger-controlled political fund.

The LA Times lets us know that the plan won't save anything near what the Anti-Girlie Man claims, but then, that really wasn't their intent, now was it? Lop off 3,000 workers, give Big Oil a free pass to profits, that was the opportunity cashed in. Some things don't change with the goppers. They'll trash Sec. Espy for some Super Bowl tickets (cleared of charges, btw) but don't ask no stinkin questions about Arnold.

The thing that truly amazes me, amidst all the smackdown of his memories, the one that nobody seems to remark on much, is the Nixon line. Richard Nixon as his inspiration to become a republican! Richard Nixon, the Dirty Tricks, Lie about the War, foul mouthed, paranoid, red-baiting, grudge carrying, resigning in disgrace Nixon.

That's Scwarzenkopf's political muse. And you can see it today. The so-called moderate face slash Corporate Enabler of the GOP. Arnold tore up California's credit card during the rightwing fanatic driven recall; symbolically of course, he added billions more in debt to balance the books but let's not quibble about details, claimed that special interests wouldn't drive California policy, didn't mention they'd drive him to New York City and drive the policy, as I demonstrate below, yep, he's a moderate all right. If by moderate you mean moderate his lies to maximize the crap he can get away with on behalf of his corporate benefactors.

It's not just the scams for Big Biz that's disturbing, but stuff like this piece of sausage construction as well, and this starting point from Pacific John at Gropinator. They lie, that's all there is to it. Why tell the truth, besides the fact that the truth will be quite unpleasent for the Bushites, when you can lie. And lie about the fact you're lying.

Thanks to Professor Tax and Pacific John for their work holding Arnolds feet to the fire, as it were.

Billy Hamilton, co-executive director of the Performance Review, said the report's authors were not influenced by Chevron and that special interests had no role in the production of the report.

"I don't believe that's what took place," said Hamilton, the deputy state comptroller of Texas. "I went through these issues myself. I know these people who did the reports; none of them had anything to gain."

But later in the story you find out that isn't entirely accurate. It would seem that the groups that contributed materials to the report had, well, let's just say conflicting interests. Actually, that wouldn't be accurate, in fact they had no conflicting interests. They just wanted to keep it quiet. Check this out. This is how things work.

Proposals that would benefit Chevron are peppered throughout the four-volume report. They include: .....

-- Streamlining the activities of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. That agency, which issues permits for dredging and sand mining in the Bay Area, oversees activities related to Chevron's interests in the Bay Area. -snip-

Company officials said they were just doing their jobs through their vigorous participation in the CPR process, which included meeting with senior aides to the governor.

"This is what we are here for," said Jack Coffey, Chevron's general manager over state government relations, from New York where he was attending the Republican convention.

Chevron learned about the CPR early and "obviously understood their agenda," Coffey said, adding that while there was direct contact by company lobbyists, most contact came through trade groups of which Chevron is a member. "We made an effort to feed those trade associations who were more active."

So is there a difference between Chevron and a trade group that promotes one of their biggest members interests, like Chevron? Coz I'm sure that the trade group would cross Chevron in an instant if they had a difference of opinion, right? There's more, of course, always more.

Meanwhile, the Bay Planning Coalition -- a business-oriented group of which Chevron is a board member -- contacted the governor's cabinet secretary over problems its members were having with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Schwarzenegger's staff sent the coalition's issue to the CPR staff, which met with the coalition sometime in April, according to Ellen Johnck, the coalition's executive director.

A letter from the coalition outlining the complaints -- including some lodged by Chevron -- was used as a primary source for the CPR report, which concluded that BCDC had overstepped its authority. Although BCDC officials offered significant documentation to rebut the allegations, none of the commission's defense was included in the CPR report.

Arnold has Texans and Floridians operating on his staff. Texas and Florida.

Arnold the moderate my ass. He's just a tool of BushCo. He became a republican because of Richard "I'm not a crook" Nixon.


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