Saturday :: Sep 4, 2004

Time to Start Talking about the Real Issues

by pessimist

While not a veteran myself, I support veterans issues. One of the veterans' groups that I have a lot of respect for is Veterans for Common Sense. In addition to being against Bu$h'$ Iraqi Oil Grab, they are against the deep cuts Bu$h is making in the veterans' benefits programs and services. In the interests of supporting the Veterans for Common Sense in their efforts, I post the following appeal on their behalf:

The news has been dominated in the last several weeks by the accusations of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." Charges and counter-charges have been laid; including accusations that Kerry injured himself in Vietnam in order to earn a Purple Heart medal (the military documentation overwhelmingly indicates that Kerry earned his medals, including three Purple Hearts). This accusation prompted convention goers at the Republican National Convention to print "Purple Heart Band-Aids" and wear them at the convention, outraging many veterans across the country.

Veterans for Common Sense believes the overwhelming coverage of the Swift-boat controversy is inappropriate, and is overriding coverage of real issues, including the current war. As of yet, neither the President nor Senator Kerry has clearly defined a plan for how they are going to bring stability and democracy to Iraq.

With nearly 1,000 service-members dead in Iraq already, don't they need to tell us what they plan to do?

Ask both candidates to stop talking about the war that ended thirty years ago and start talking about what they plan to do today to bring security to Iraq so our troops can come home. Click here to send your message to the candidates and major newspapers and ask them to start talking about the war and veterans' issues going on today.

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