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Comments From The Corn Belt

by pessimist

Recent polling, since exposed as seriously slanted, had indicated that George Warmonger Bu$h had a major leap in his numbers and lead John F. Kerry by a significant margin. Zogby, and even the much maligned Rassmussen polls say not so fast!

Zogby - Bush Runs Offense and Leads Kerry by 2 Points

So the battle is now engaged. I have written before about the metaphor of the bouncing rubber ball. Take a rubber ball and bounce it as hard as you can. Then the laws of physics take over. The President has gotten three preceding bounces - each one shorter in height and duration. I think this week is the fourth bounce of the ball: this time only into the higher forties and perhaps only lasting a week or so.

While the President has improved his numbers, he still has a negative re-elect, job performance, and wrong direction.

Presidential Tracking Poll: Bush-Kerry

Sunday September 05, 2004--The Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll shows President George W. Bush with 47.6% of the vote and Senator John Kerry with 46.4%. [Box left side of column]

So much for the bounce. The good citizens of Des Moines, Iowa have something to add to this mix:

Letters to the Editor - By REGISTER READERS
September 4, 2004

Final thoughts on the Republican convention

I have never seen a convention that spoke so little about the future. I was really turned off by all the hate and negativity and the lies. Does anyone really believe that a group of people who can't protect themselves from sneaky protesters while inside Madison Square Garden can protect our borders from terrorists? - William Stosine, Iowa City.

Now that you mention it, ...


While listening to the GOP convention, I heard California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger insinuate that we who worry about the direction of the economy are, in his words, "economic girlie men." I became worried. It is not that concern over layoffs, plant closings, vanishing paychecks and lost family income might be effeminate. It is just the horrible thought that he might want to grope us. - Thomas C. Gibbons, Clinton.


According to Georgia Dixiecrat Senator Zel Miller, "In this hour of danger our president has had the courage to stand up." G. W. Bush sure didn't have the courage to stand up 35 years ago. What Miller should have said is, our president has had the courage to let someone else stand up for him - again. - Steve Stanley, Earlham.


Senator Zell Miller's vitriolic, fire-and-brimstone speech to the Republican convention proved one thing to me - he is an abomination and embarrassment to the Democratic Party and to the American people. I'm certain many people would prefer for him to go back to his Georgia home and live out his days very quietly. - Jan Montgomery, Greenfield.


A person watching the Republican convention would think there has been another political party formed, a moderate-to-liberal party at that. Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger hardly represent the conservative, hard-line agenda of George Bush. Are we so ignorant that we believe it? This convention will long be remembered as one of the most deceiving shows in history. - Wayne Simmons, Guthrie Center.

GOP drew blood with Band-Aids gag

Yes, Karl Rove has planned the moves of all those outside Madison Square Garden. Too bad he could not get a handle on all those upstanding Republican delegates wearing Band-Aids with Purple Hearts on them. I reckon a little fun with John Kerry will be at the expense of George W. Bush. Political hyperbole directed at one man is a little different than making fun of Americans who bled defending our country. - Mark Brooks, Carlisle.


The Republicans may think it's cute to wear "Purple Heart Band-Aids." As a Vietnam veteran with two Purple Hearts, I find it disgusting, insulting and demeaning.

The Purple Heart is one of our country's oldest military awards, established in 1782 by Gen. George Washington to honor the service and sacrifice of the common soldier. The award reads "for wounds received in action." The words in that citation that the Republican attack team seems to be ignoring are "received in action" - in combat.

A Purple Heart is not awarded for getting hurt during boot camp or while stumbling out of the officers' club or for getting a tooth extracted. It is awarded, regardless of the severity of the wound, because a soldier is injured when the enemy is trying to kill him in a war.

The insensitive people at the Republican convention wearing the Purple Heart Band-Aids were mocking me and the thousands of others like me who were wounded under hostile fire in battle with a deadly enemy.

It was bad enough 35 years ago to have to slip back into the United States and hide the fact that I was in Vietnam. The Republicans' hurtful humor tells me that even now many so-called patriotic Americans still belittle the sacrifice made by thousands of draftees like me.

Apparently, they are able to take heart in their trio of heros - George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld - who managed to avoid going to Vietnam. - Dan Towers, Waukee.

Speaking out

It is absolutely inappropriate and offensive to suggest that speaking out for what you believe in is irresponsible (Sept. 1 letters), and that someone who votes as a Democrat doesn't believe in hard work or family values. Maybe there were no protests at the Democratic National Convention (that the media spoke of) because there wasn't anything to protest. Or maybe it's because a Republican is in office and not a Democrat. Who knows? Regardless, Ruth Naberhaus' letter demonstrated an intolerant, "holier than thou" attitude toward those she disagrees with. - Seeta L. Mangra, West Des Moines.


The demonstrators outside of the Farm Progress Show Aug. 31 were peaceful. I wonder then why the passersby were so violent in their comments. Could it be that no opinion other than their party's is acceptable anymore in America? - Mark Lindahl, Des Moines.

Kerry's a traitor? What about Bush?

Your Aug. 27 article ("Decorated Ex-Iowan Calls Kerry a Traitor") - in which a GOP-supporting ex-serviceman compairs Gen. Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War with Lt. John Kerry - was a sham. It's unworthy of the title "news." What does this same person call the president? A war hero? - Gary DeSomber, West Des Moines.


John Kerry is no more a traitor than others who questioned the wisdom of the Vietnam War. Having volunteered to fight there and having earned medals bestowed by this country, Kerry not only had the right to question our policies but did so with more knowledge than some. Retired Col. George Day has a right to his opinions, but that is just what they are, his personal opinions - without much basis in fact. - ictoria L. Herring, Des Moines.


Retired Col. George Day may well have deserved his military decorations. He did not deserve to be quoted in a front-page article with such an inflammatory headline. Kerry demonstrated uncommon courage, not just in Vietnam, but in his willingness to lance the wounds back home that were infected with official lies covering up failed policy. That is the kind of patriotism this country needed then and continues to need now. - Larry Anderson, Newton.


There were two other comments - one besmirching John Kerry, and one protesting the opposition to Ralph Nader's presense on the ballot.

As goes Iowa, so goes the nation?

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