Tuesday :: Sep 7, 2004

Open Thread

by Steve

Here’s an Open Thread for your punditry tonight. For discussion items, consider:

We lost seven more Marines today in George W. Bush’s war of choice.

Bob Graham comes right out and says that the White House prevented Congress from investigating Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11. That should make for a great debate topic for John Kerry.

Kitty Kelley apparently has several damaging items in her upcoming book, including allegations that W used cocaine at Camp David while his dad was president. If true, this would mean that Bush’s claim during the 2000 election of being clean for 25 years to be a lie.

And a question: if the official National Guard records for George W. Bush have such major gaps in them, isn’t his “honorable” discharge totally unsupported by the record?

OK, it's your turn.

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