Tuesday :: Sep 7, 2004

Why Is The Media Censoring Kitty Kelley's Claims, But Not The Swifties?

by Steve

Why is the media more concerned about Kitty Kelley's facts than they ever were about the Swift Boat Veterans' claims? If the media had shown the same scrutiny over the Swifties ads before they plastered their papers with free coverage of the since-discredited allegations, the Swifties would have been stopped dead in their tracks.

Now along comes Kitty Kelley, who has the nerve to write something negative against the Bushes, and all of a sudden the media decides not to cover her book over concerns about her facts. Why shouldn't Democrats think there is a double-standard at work here? It's OK to smear the Democractic presidential candidate, but not OK to report what family members said about Mr. Bush?

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