Wednesday :: Sep 8, 2004

Open Thread

by Steve

Graph courtesy of the New York Times

Here’s tonight’s Open Thread, with a couple of items for your consideration.

First, more Bush National Guard records magically showed up today under pressure from the AP. These records still do not account for Bush’s absences, but only serve to confirm that he was unaccounted for and had no basis for an honorable discharge. And as Josh Marshall reports today, the “60 Minutes II” piece tomorrow night has much more new material than Ben Barnes presents on Bush’s entry into the Guard.

Second, Bush the Wimp will bow out of one of three debates with Kerry, as we originally reported last week. Kerry should go ahead and debate an empty chair that night, and hit Bush with the kitchen sink. Remember, W stands for Wimp.

Read the latest "Peter and the Wolf" warning from Tom Ridge on how terrorists plan to disrupt the election, and understand that he made this useless and repetitive announcement within an hour of the AP announcing that the US suffered its 1000th death in Iraq.

Lastly, if Mr. Bush wants us to judge his war on terror by what he did and is doing in Iraq, then he is a f**king failure. The Pentagon has conceded that they have lost control of major parts of Iraq.

OK, your turn.

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