Wednesday :: Sep 8, 2004

Never Raise Against A Taiwan Strait

by pessimist

A few days back, I posted a long piece about how East Asia is beginning to fall under the sway of the Chinese government and turning their backs on the United States. It looks like China, in recognition of its new status as THE rising world power, is seeking to expand their challenge to American hegemony - and in our own backyard!

Calling James Monroe! Your Doctrine is at risk!

Bu$hCo is rumored to have created the mess in Haiti in the first place. Wouldn't it be ironic if China steps in to stabilize the place and allow it the breathing room it needs to become a real country.

China has made many overtures to many allies of this nation - Pakistan, India, Japan, Korea, Australia - to join with them in various ventures ranging from economic to military. They have a great role model to emulate - the United States of 50 and 60 years ago. Our successful efforts led to the United States becoming the dominant player in world affairs, something George Warmonger Bu$h has taken for granted in pursuing the mad BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse plans for world domination. It's a huge gamble, and Bu$h is willing to bet everything this country has - especially if it isn't his to bet.

What China accomplishes with their current diplomatic, economic, and military overtures around the world is seeing our bet - and raising the ante. Pretty soon, they will call and demand that we show our hand - just as soon as they finish drawing the cards we need for our inside straight.

China will send troops to Haiti

China's Public Security Ministry is set to dispatch a 130-man "special police" unit to Haiti this month in the first deployment of Chinese forces to the Western Hemisphere, Bush administration officials say. "It's been a big year for China," says one official opposed to the deployment. "They put a man in space, won gold medals at the Olympics, and now they are going to put troops in the Western Hemisphere for the first time. We would really prefer to have someone other than the Chinese there, but [peacekeeping] is something we need others to contribute to. It's a difficult challenge, and there are conflicting views on what to do about this."

That's really showing leadership, George! By the way - call, raise, or fold.

The official says China's first military presence near U.S. shores would boost Beijing's long-term strategy to "supplant U.S. influence" in the region. "China is pursuing a maritime strategy in the Caribbean to gain access and control over port facilities, free trade zone infrastructure, fisheries, oil and minerals, and off-shore banking platforms."

Administration officials are concerned that the Chinese government will use the troop deployment as a way to put political pressure on the Haitian government, one of the few nations retaining diplomatic relations with China's rival Taiwan.  A State Department official says he has "mixed feelings" about the Chinese deployment in Haiti. "They don't have benign intentions when they deal with countries that have formal relations with Taiwan," the official says. "On the other hand, the administration has been trying to organize support for the peacekeeping operation in Haiti."

Did China Protect Hugo Chavez?

China has covertly dispatched military trainers and intelligence personnel to Venezuela, whose leftist president, Hugo Chavez, recently defeated a recall referendum. Beijing recently obtained observer status in the Organization of American States and will sponsor a China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum later this year. China has shipped military goods to Cuba and is working with Cuba's communist government on intelligence and military issues, the officials say.

The New Anaconda Plan

A classified study by the U.S. Southern Command in the 1990s stated that China is working to establish bases, primarily economic, at strategic choke points near the United States, said to officials familiar with the study. Al Santoli, vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council, says the deployment of Chinese forces to Haiti sets a bad precedent. "This now gives them a legitimate mandate for having a martial presence in our hemisphere and sets a very dangerous precedent," Mr. Santoli said. "This is something China could do more of as it develops economic relations with smaller countries in Latin America and the Caribbean."

While George and the Bu$hCo incompetents blew a legitimate, if poorly considered, assault against Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda by detouring the 'War on Terra' into an illegal and unnecessary invasion of Iraq for oil, China has been taking advantage of these major mistakes by quietly going around and exploiting the new doubts about the leadership and direction of this nation. Bu$h has been amply demonstrating to the rest of the world that he has no clue as to what he's about, nor that he has any concern for the consequences of his actions, which only makes the job easier for China to raise doubts about remaining allied with us.

Remember - George said if they weren't with us they were against us - and that only plays into China's hand.

Your bet, George. Call, raise - or fold.

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