Thursday :: Sep 9, 2004

Open Thread - Bush/Cheney Inflating Crowd Sizes

by Steve

Here’s tonight’s Open Thread for you, and several items for your consideration.

First, if the White House is so unconcerned about the Kitty Kelley book because it is bogus, you couldn’t tell from the extra efforts the White House and RNC are making to scare the media from covering the book. Obviously Rove is worried about this book, but to be fair it also appears that someone has gotten to Sharon Bush already, threatening the cutoff of whatever support she got from Neil Bush.

The Senate tonight ignored a threatened Bush veto and passed an amendment to the Homeland Security Department funding bill that would bar Bush from contracting out over a thousand jobs to his campaign contributors. Five Republicans joined with Democrats to pass the amendment 49-47. Note that Kit Bond of Missouri and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, both facing elections this fall, were unwilling to vote against organized labor on this issue.

The Washington Post finally catches up to the other national papers with its own Page One Thursday on the Bush Guard record flap. Note that the White House, for the second day in a row, suddenly found more records tonight, which only confirmed that no records exist for periods of time in 1972 and 1973.

The GOP will let the assault weapons ban expire, and Bush is doing nothing to extend it. Bill Frist says that this reflects the will of the American people, yet polls show a large majority favor keeping the ban in place.

And note that both the Post and the Washington Times have confirmed that the Bush/Cheney campaign have been inflating the size of their crowds. Must be tougher and tougher to screen and get loyalty oaths from all those folks…

OK, your turn.

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