Friday :: Sep 10, 2004

If Bush Is A Liberator, What About Sudan?

by Steve

President Bush is quite fond of saying that the United States has an obligation to liberate the peoples of the world and spread democracy. Under Bush’s management of our military, and in an effort to justify the Iraq war as something other than a selective war of choice for personal reasons while grabbing control of strategic oil reserves, Bush has said that Iraq and Afghanistan were wars of “liberation” and that our country must be prepared for more such wars in the future.

There is another place in the world where people are not only being oppressed by despots with more direct Al Qaeda ties than Saddam ever had, they are being starved, raped, and mass-murdered. They even have oil. Yet Mr. Bush sits on his hands and doesn’t follow his rhetoric about liberation and acting unilaterally when necessary. All he can seem to do is trot out his Secretary of State to the Senate, and have Mr. Powell use the “g” word in condemning the atrocities going on there. Oh, and like Kosovo and Bosnia, Mr. Powell sees no role for the US military in Sudan. But Iraq was OK.

Why is Sudan different from Iraq? Sudan has oil, clear ties to Al Qaeda, and is closer to where our forces are located than the continental United States. Yet Bush does nothing to step in and stop the atrocities and liberate that country other than call the current thugs names in a futile hope that they will change their behavior. Thousands more will die in Sudan right under George W. Bush’s nose while he continues to spew his drivel that he is only interested in stopping terror and liberating oppressed peoples of the world.

Yet we won’t act because we feel we won’t be supported at the UN by China and Pakistan, as if such concerns mattered with our invasion of Iraq. You are either a world liberator who stops genocide and spreads democracy, or you are a fraud in search of a rationale for your Iraqi oil grab. By his inaction in Sudan, George W. Bush is clearly the latter.

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