Monday :: Sep 13, 2004

Uncle Jester

by pessimist

One would think that Colin Powell would be smarter than his words and actions indicate. The fiasco of his presentation of 'evidence' to the United Nations when seeking UN sanction to invade Iraq should have made him aware that he isn't fooling anyone.

Take today alone. He was making the rounds of the news shows today and made some pretty wild claims: North Korea did not set off their first nuke today (we'll see), Iraq is being successfully pacified (only SEVEN car bombs today!), Afghanistan is a free and functioning democracy (and the Taliban say what?) and every American should be required to serve in the military (oh-oh!)

First North Korea: if the blew a hole in the ground big enough for satellites to see from space, it had to be either a nuke or an awful lot of conventional explosive. I'm no weapons expert, but getting that much conventional explosive to go off all at once can't be a simple thing. You ex-GIs out there might shed some light on this.

But why lie about it? As Madeleine Albright stated later on Meet The Press: "You know, we invade countries that don't have nuclear weapons and we don't invade those that do. We didn't invade the Soviet Union and China, so why not build up nuclear weapons as quickly as possible?"

To admit that North Korea successfully tested a nuclear bomb puts the Bu$h (mis)Administration in a very bad spot - all of their bluster about 'not allowing' North Korea to join the nuclear club would mean an immediate need for a draft, and the first units couldn't get out into the field for months. This also assumes that we could send them out fully equiped - something we have yet to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Great Leedurship, George!

But that wasn't the only falsehood emanating from the Excuser of My Lai. Colin claimed that when Bu$hCo took over: "we came into the office and the view was that nothing to worry about, North Korea has been contained by the Agreed Framework of 1994."

Yet according to Albright: "I have the highest respect for Secretary Powell and I found that statement, I have to say, somewhat surprising, because we were in the middle of very tough negotiations with the North Koreans. In fact, the reason we were involved in this is that we thought that North Korea was the most dangerous place to deal with. And we were working on limiting their missile technology and dealing with a whole host of issues and when we briefed Secretary Powell and Dr. Rice, we made clear that those negotiations needed to proceed. And I had every sense that Secretary Powell wanted to go on with that..."

As for Iraq, Powell claimed: "what the people of the world will see are Iraqis in charge of their own destiny moving forward toward an election that will provide for a representative form of government, the creation of a constitution, the ratification of a constitution, and it's going to be something that we will be able to be proud of."

In response, the Iraqis set off at least seven car bombs and killed something like 25 people - the worst day in a while according to the NBC network news tonight.

In Afghanistan, there are signs that the Taliban has regrouped and is about to launch a major offensive against Hamid Karzai and the American Imposition. What will Georgie say if that falls apart before November?

The Universal Soldier

Powell also made it to see George Stephanoupoulos, where he made his comments on universal military service: "I was such a supporter of the voluntary army when it came. And I was also a supporter of cleaning up the draft system so that you couldn't duck the draft. We went, first, to a lottery system. We don't have conscription now. We have a volunteer force. But if we should, for some reason, in the future that I can't anticipate, ever have to go to a conscription-type force again, it should be one that is universal and all are subject to that kind of service for the nation."

I think the truth slipped out there, Colin!

The only way that Bu$hCo can afford to fight all of these wars it wants to have will be to conscript absolutely everyone it can. That won't be such a stretch, as some of the economic signs I've been watching for - housing markets collapsing, job growth stagnating, wages diminishing, consumer activity declining - seem to be showing up.

As more and more people lose employment, why would they not consider joining Uncle Sam's Club and at least get three squares and a poncho to sleep under? They would get to take out all of their frustrations on the citizens of whatever country they are assigned to invade. They'd have to use a bayonet though - we're still short on ammo. We don't make that here anymore.

So, Colin, your days of being the apologist for tragic and criminal war actions didn't end with My Lai - it was only the beginning. And when the time comes for you to leave this mortal coil, may your epitaph read:

Me Lie My Lai

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