Tuesday :: Sep 14, 2004

Anti-Islamic rhetoric: a cover for the real agenda

by soccerdad

I have had a long dialogue on another blog concerning Islam. Their contention is that Islam is evil and needs to be destroyed. They hates us for who we are, etc etc. I am going to repost my thoughts here to allow for further discussion.

Its very depressing to come to the realization that people like XXreally believe in their monumentally stupid and ignorant view of the world. Its a completely myopic view, the essence of which is we can do what ever we want, any time we want and will kill anybody who is different or disagrees with us.

XX is the kind of person who would continually prod a sleeping dog with a pointed stick and after 20 min of poking it when he was bitten would then demand that the dog be killed.

The call for the destruction of Islam is actually just a cover to justify the real agenda of the neocons. As detailed in their many documents and writings on the PNAC website and in periodicals like the weekly standard the real agenda is for the US is protect its "national interests". They then go on to argue that our national interest can be anywhere in the world, not just here at home. Access to oil is in our national interest, what would happen if we couldn't get it, therefore invasion of countries with oil and leaders who are opposed to us becomes justifiable. This line of reasoning is just a different way of packaging imperailism. Knowing that a majority of people in the US would not support such a policy, a plan had to be developed that would justify this imperialistic ambition to more people. This has been a two pronged strategy. 1. Take advantage of 9/11 and falsely consolidate the WOT with the war on Iraq. 2. Demonize the people of the region and their religion and feed off the resultant fear.

This strategy is not new. Lenin was a master of this as were the Germans under Hitler.

The truly sad part is that, because of 9/11 and the outpouring of support for us, the US was presented with its greatest opportunity to show the world what kind of country we are and what we stand for.

The picture the world is seeing is that we are just another self-rightous group of imperailistic people who only care about themselves and who believe that morality and the law applies to everyone but them.

As formaly non-industrialized countries like India and China continue to advance economically and technically, becoming true powers in the global economy, it will become very easy for the rest of the world to isolate us, especially economically. The Chinese government has financed our deficit by buying US bonds etc and keeping the value of the dollar up. All they have to do is not show up at the next treasury auction and we will be in big trouble.

As the economy becomes more global, relations with the rest of the world becomes even more important. Therefore, it is important that we take a sober look at where we fit in. Over estimating our place in the world and our importance could have major reprecussions. Blowback will be ugly and will reduce the US to a shell of its former self economically.

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