Tuesday :: Sep 14, 2004

As The Bush Hypocrisies And Lies Run Rampant, Voters Don't Notice

by Steve

These are days rife with Bush Administration lies and hypocrisies – yet he is polling in the low fifties in some polls, and higher than Kerry on honesty and trustworthiness.

To wit:

Bush And The Guard

A business school professor of Bush’s at Harvard says that Bush confirmed to him that his dad’s friends helped him jump ahead of others to get into the Guard to avoid combat. And what kind of student was Bush? "Lazy. He didn't come to my class prepared," Tsurumi said. "He did very badly." But instead, we’re arguing over a Free Republic scam about forged documents. The White House is furiously trying to stay away from the issue of Bush's 1972 required physical, using various and changing explanations (his jet wasn't being used anymore, he was going to work on a campaign, etc...) when in fact it is becoming clear to some that Bush left the guard because he could not fly a jet.

Bush's $3 Trillion Lie

After blasting John Kerry’s convention promises for being too costly and unfunded, it turns out that Mr. Bush’s unfunded promises from his convention make Kerry look like a pauper. According to the Washington Post today, Bush’s promises come with a $3 trillion price tag, with the White House never explaining where the money is coming from. According to the Post’s Mike Allen, "The White House has declined to provide a full and detailed accounting of the cost of the new agenda." Do as I say, not as I do.

Bush's Lies On The Assault Weapons Ban Expiration

The Post also notes that Bush said he supported renewing the assault weapons ban, but did nothing to push for it. In fact, Scott McClellan when pressed yesterday couldn’t name one thing Bush did to push for its renewal.

Bush's Lies On Health Care

Bush told lies yesterday in attacking Kerry’s health care proposals, and it’s not hard to see why: the bogus claims he used came from the American Enterprise Institute, where as the Post noted the Cheney family works.

Bush lied yesterday in saying that the reimportation of drugs is unsafe. Bill Frist originally said he would allow a bill in support of such an idea to come to a vote but has now decided to bury such legislation. All of this is suspect since some industry leaders say it is time to stop such opposition.

Tax Simplification Is Another Tax Shift

The Post also reports on the release of a Treasury Department study from two years ago by Ron Suskind that he obtained from former Secretary Paul O’Neill. The study shows that the administration itself confirmed that the tax simplification proposals likely coming from Bush after the election will result in massive tax cuts for the wealthy and a major shift of the tax burden to the poor. The study also confirms that the Bush tax cut programs have made the tax code even more complex than it was, and any attempt to “simplify” the tax code would undo the benefits that Bush used in selling the packages in the first place.

NonFunctional Star Wars Going Ahead Anyway

The Administration has put off any additional tests of the Star Wars missile defense system until after the election, even though plans to implement the still dysfunctional multi-billion dollar system in the next several months are unaffected.

Bush Is The Ultimate Flip-Flopper

Bush slams Kerry for being a serial flip-flopper when the record shows Mr. Bush to be a far more widespread flip-flopper than Mr. Kerry.

Yet, as I said, this man is ahead in the polls on the issue of trust and honesty, after leading this country into a war based on lies that has cost us thousands of dead and maimed Americans and Iraqis. As long as voters think the economy is getting better and no longer care about Iraq, they seem to tune out the facts right in front of them and blithely go along with the scam perpetrated by the White House with a huge assist from the media. Yet voters don’t escape any responsibility for their role in all of this.

It is John Kerry’s job to point out the lies, deceptions, and hypocrisies of this administration, and offer alternatives. He is doing that. If the voters still vote for Bush and return him to office after having this information out there, then they have no one to blame but themselves for what will become of their fates, this country, and our world in the next four years.

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