Wednesday :: Sep 15, 2004

The Latest Episode Of The Continuing Search For The Ultimate Political "SO WHAT?"

by pessimist

Let's pretend for a moment that in some rotten foreign hellhole masquerading as a US military prison there currently resides a certain ex-Saudi citizen whose exploits successfully embarrassed a great nation. This certain ex-Saudi citizen is intended to be used as an electoral pawn, promoted as an example of the effectiveness, as a leader, of a certain ex-Gevernor of Texas. What, in the ultimate scheme of things, is this going to really mean? The answer is in the box below:

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Suppose that Osama is in US custody, and has been for a while (something I seriously doubt) - what has been the net effect? Just try to show me how there is less terrorism in the world since the beginning of the year. Try also to show me how the bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan this week aren't an escalation in the anti-US 'insurgency'.

Parading a sick and tired old man, one long past his prime as a muhajadeen, before the American vidiots as an example of the efficacy of George Warmonger Bu$h in his usurped role as the pRezdint of 'Mur'ca and THE reason to vote for that worthless bastard, giving him his first legitimate national election victory, merely demonstrates the exact opposite to those whose craniums aren't filled by Rush and FAUX News with Red State gelatin.

Sure, maybe OSAMA can't attack this country anymore (which will certainly be enough for those Americans who can't vote against their own self-interests fast enough merely because Bu$h is a 'Good' Christian), but is anyone noticing that the people actually conducting these attacks don't seem to care (assuming Osama is in US custody somewhere), and in fact seem more determined than ever?

The other day, I was watching FAUX News while on break at work. They were showing repeatedly the clip with the video producer who was killed on camera by a US 'warning' to Iraqi citizens to 'leave that disabled Humvee alone.' I'm sure the Red State Gel-out-oes thought that clip extremely humorous, completely ignoring the act that if we saw it, even on FAUX, so did the rest of the world - including all the Muslim nations.

This will prove to be yet another fine recruiting tool that George Wasted Bu$h will have provided, free of any charge (except to those who died and the American taxpayers), to Al Qaeda and the other militant Muslim spin-offs like al-Zaquari's people and to Jemaah Islamiyah and the Taliban, among others. This will prove to stiffen the popular resistance to US military threats to Iran and Syria, among others. This will further demonstrate to world leaders that the United States is no longer led by rational human beings, and thus no longer deserves to be considered as the leader of the 'free' world whose word is to be taken as fiat law regardless of which nation you represent. Saner heads will see that idea as the historical anachronism that George Wacko Bu$h has made it.

Yeah, George, you're a Reel Leedur all right - a Reel Leedur for terrorism. You should forget about wearing business suits and start publicly wearing your burnoose, and you should tote around an AK-47 now that it's legal again to have one the most of the US. You should clearly demonstate to the world where your allegiances truely lie - with terror.

So go ahead and have your five minutes of triumph, and trot out the guy whose new role in Al Qaeda is to be the emblematic martyr, and make all the Red State Gel-out-oes go "Oooh!! He's caught Osama!". Just have a ready answer for the follow-up question at the news conference:

So what have you done for us lately?

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