Wednesday :: Sep 15, 2004

John Kerry, Democrat

by Duckman GR

Via Atrios via Slate via Kos diaries is the the story of Lynne Gobbell of Moulton, Ala., who on Sept. 9 was fired from her job at Enviromate, a company that makes housing insulation, for driving to work with a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker in the rear windshield of her Chevy Lumina.

A bush backer fires someone for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, and John F Kerry personally hires her, that's right, the Man himself, to work for his campaign. Does this rock or what.

JFK took back one of bush's lost jobs, and for all the right reasons. Loyalty. Freedom of Speech. America. A stronger economy. Fairness. A Demonstration of JFK putting things right. I mean, does anybody but a true freeper type think there was any justification for her getting fired? It's not like she was proslytizing at work or anything. She was just exercising her rights as an American under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Anybody think Kerry doesn't know what the eff he's doing and what kind of man he is? We're taking our country back one job at a time. And the best job to take back is the one on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

And John is going to take that one back personally too!!!!

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