Wednesday :: Sep 15, 2004

Still Waiting For That Bush Runaway In Rasmussen's Numbers? Keep Waiting

by Steve

Hmmm. What happened to that high single-digit or double-digit lead for Bush over Kerry that Newsweek and Time tell us about? According to Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll, Kerry has been within two points of Bush for ten of the last eleven days since the post-GOP convention bounce. Sure looks like a Bush runaway to me…

Rasmussen also reports:

-A “Right Track/Wrong Track” result of 40% RT, 56% WT as of the weekend;

- A six-point generic ballot preference for Democrats over Republicans (45% to 39%) as of today;

-Kerry regaining a lead over Bush on who is best to manage the economy for the first time in a month as investor and consumer confidence has been falling;

And after withstanding the impact of the post-convention bounce, on an issues-by-issues comparison released by Rasmussen yesterday afternoon, Kerry leads Bush on Social Security, health care, and controlling government spending while trailing Bush closely on education and taxes. Kerry trails Bush on Iraq by only six points (48%-42%).

Update: Rasmussen just released updated voter assessments of Bush's performance on the economy. 41% say that Bush is doing good or excellent on the economy, and 41% say he is doing poor. According to Rasmussen Bush has had no noticeable improvement in these numbers since Super Tuesday.

Update #2: Think the time is ripe to resume hammering Bush for his failures in Iraq? Here's some support for that notion. Rasmussen also just released an updated tracking poll on voter assessments of Bush's handling of Iraq. Keep in mind the bad news from this week hasn't fully factored into these numbers yet, but it appears that Bush's post-convention bounce on his Iraq numbers may have plateaued.

Excellent: 23%
Good: 21%
Fair: 13%
Poor: 41%

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