Thursday :: Sep 16, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Checkout Donkey Rising's post on where the polls are today. Bush is losing ground with the "persuadables" - independents that have not made up their mind and so are still open to the arguments of both sides.

So what does this mean for the Bush/Cheney campaign? I suspect that Karl Rove wouldn't necessarily think this is too bad, because it is his contention that Bush will win by attracting a high turnout of the "Bush base", or the evangelical, conservative Christian voter. Rove has been assiduously working on attracting these voters and he believes that the reason that Gore won the popular vote last time was because they didn't show up at the polls. So this time, Rove expects to win this election by suppressing turnout and getting his voters to the polls - no need to get those remaining independents on your side. Will it work? Only if enough Kerry base stays home or is prevented from voting. And it's our job to make sure that part of the equation doesn't work.

What's been on your horizon?

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