Saturday :: Sep 18, 2004

Mysterious Ways

by pessimist

The general theme for discussion today seems to be what to do that will resonate with the supporters of George W. Bu$h that communicates to them that supporting their champion is the wrong way to go.

Over the last several months, we've discussed the various Democratic candidates, their strengths and weaknesses, the strategies and tactics which should produce victory, the weaknesses and mendacity of the Republicans party, the hope that True Conservatives will rise to their traditional role and rescue the country, and so much more.

We've tried logical argument, presentation of fact, linking to articles from around the world that show things are not as we are being told they are. Nothing so far has caught on.

We have, however, tended to stay away from the one thing which seems to really count with a large bloc of Bu$h supporters - the belief that George is doing God's work.

This is understandably a touchy subject, for as liberals we aren't dogmatic about what one does or does not believe. We allow for differences in beliefs, and abide by 'live and let live.'

But that isn't the case with the religious supporters of George 'Warrior of Mars' Bu$h. Their beliefs include, as Ann Coulter put it so crudely, 'killing all of their leaders and forcing them to convert to Christianity.'

Such a belief is hardly Christ-like in my opinion, and in fact is more likely to be traced back to the Old Testament Scripture - the preferred religious text of the Fundamentalists - than to the man they claim to worship. Jesus was, after all, a man who was seen publicly associating with the dregs of society just like conservatives believe that liberals do today. He cared more about the poor and helpless than he did toadying up to the powerful of his day. He even had the audacity to suggest that these fine, upstanding, and wealthy citizens would have an easier time dragging a dromedary through the eye of a sewing tool than they would have attaining the spiritual riches of the afterlife.

Such a statement would hardly sit well with the Pat Robertsons and the Jerry Falwells and all of the other Fundamentalist Pharisees of today.

I linked to a Mad Magazine piece last week that showed a purported Bu$h campaign ad aimed against his liberal opponent Jesus of Nazareth and his social behaviors. The link is now dead or I'd show it here. But it asked the sorts of questions that play into bigotry and hatred, both hardly Christ-like attributes.

The point I'm getting to is that people don't like to be seen as wrong, and many of their beliefs, initially formed through fear and thus so exploited by Bu$hCo, do not jibe with the behaviors expressed by Jesus as being the right ones - kindness, generouosity, love.

Instead of following the example of Jesus, they instead follow self-appointed leaders. Their leaders extol them to 'be like sheep' and let the Lord, through the being of his 'chosen' ministers here on Earth, guide them through this Vale of Tears until it is time for the Rapture - the time for them to rejoin Jesus in heaven.

As anyone who has ever been around sheep knows, they aren't the brightest critters on the Ark, and they do need someone to watch out for them. These Christians will thus readily believe it when they are told that wolves lurk everywhere, and that to be saved they must do exactly as they are told.

They don't question these leaders - not when they are told to steal, not when they are told to hate, not when they are told to kill, not when they are told to disobey the absolute Word of God because it is the 'Word of God'. Their leaders say it is so, and so they believe, and all of the justifications are straight out of the Old Testament of Jehovah.

One of these 'Words of God' has to do with the end times and the Rapture happening today. The claim is made that all of the signs are there, and that in order to hasten the Second Coming good Christians must help that Chosen President of God smite the unbelievers.

True Christians would know that this is the word of the devil, for as it says in the Bible: "For ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh" (Mat 25:13) and "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come" (Mat 24:42). Last time I looked, this applied to people like Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggart and all of those other Bible-thumping "Send us more money so we can do God's work" con-men.

None of them will know when the Rature is going to happen any sooner than everyone else, and these 'good' Christians who eat up every slimy word out of the mouths of these serpentine Republican psyops masters should know better.

Knowledge, however, is something that is discouraged, for didn't 'knowledge' cause Adam and Eve to be ousted from Paradise? Thus, the snakes win another round.

Christians are told to read their Bibles, but not one of them really understands what they are reading until it's explained to them by these shysters, because understanding requires thought, and thought means to be UN-sheep like.

Being un-sheep-like means facing your fears like the men and women God made you to be.

The Lord helps those who help themselves, and that is the message that has to be drivien home to these lost souls. It is up to them to deal with hatred and injustice by not supporting it. It is up to them to see that their beliefs are followed, not just at the individual level, but at the highest levels of our nation. they need to be reminded that there are TEN Commandments, not just Two Commandments about recognizing God accompanied by another eight something or others that you don't need to observe too often.

But see what this leads to! Our government covets another country's goods. Our government dishonors our mothers and fathers. Our government bears false witness - a lot. Our government worships false gods (Mammon). Our government kills. Our government doesn't keep holy the Sabbath. Our government can be shown to violate EVERY ONE of the Ten Commandments.

Somewhere in the Bible there is a phrase that suggests that people should be judged by their actions and not by their words, for by these shall you know them. I say this to all of you good Christians out there - it's time for you to do the work of the Lord you worship, and to heed His words, and to follow his laws, AND STOP SUPPORTING THOSE WHO DON'T!


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