Saturday :: Sep 18, 2004

Was It Something Steve Said?

by pessimist

Yesterday, Blog Lord Steve Soto took the Gallup Organization to task for badly skewing their polling results to reflect a large margin of support for George W. Bu$h over John F. Kerry. Look what they have come up with since - an effort at reclaiming their lost virtue?

Bush Seen Vulnerable to Kerry Among Independent Voters

President Bush, who holds a sizable lead in some polls, still appears to be vulnerable to Democrat John Kerry among independent voters whose shifting loyalties could determine the winner of the November election, pollsters say.

Polling results from the Pew Research Center, the Christian Science Monitor and the Gallup Organization suggest independent voters are favoring Kerry as concerns about the economy and Iraq re-emerge as top campaign issues, despite a surge of support for Bush following the Republican convention.

"At this point, it seems that Kerry's doing slightly better than Bush among independents," said Jeff Jones, managing editor of the Gallup Poll.

Sorry, Jeff. Your credibility is shot. Take your partisan ass back to RNC headquarters and stuff envelopes - that's about all you are good for.

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