Monday :: Sep 20, 2004

The Utter Humiliation of the US Press Corps Begins

by paradox

The “Prime Minister” of Iraq will arrive in the United States this week to mouth propaganda in DC and lie at the UN. Thus the utter humiliation of the US Press Corps will commence, for President Bush will answer no questions about Iraq.

Nothing. The war is an illegal, disastrous failure that has claimed at least 20,000 souls, horribly wounded at least 40,000, blown $200 billion for nothing, severely provoked terrorism against us and turned the US into a hated pariah worldwide, but for this President and this journalism corps accountability is a notion for naïve fools, not the President or “professionals” who are supposed to write about him.

“Journalists” are taught their story has severely diminished value if there’s no quote from an official or person highly relevant to the subject. This way the story confirms their “objectivity” by irrefutably backing up their storyline from a mind other than their own. A story in considered near useless without quotes.

Bush and his cronies of course hate “journalists” and their pesky questions, so they use the need for quotes as a blunt cudgel: write or say nice things about us or we’ll never talk to you again (unless, of course, you use my quote anonymously, so I can lie and mislead with impunity. “Journalists” in the US cover for anonymous sources even when they lie or even commit a felony. They’re fine professional folks).

Incredibly, this strategy has worked on our “journalists.” They’re totally cowed. They ask no tough questions, and the very few times they do they don’t follow-up; Bush can say the most outrageous thing (an often does) and that’s just the end of the matter. Next!

Whipped into submission with a ridiculous “liberal” label, our journalists don’t make Bush pay by answering no questions. They just sit there in servile disgusting submission while the middle east goes up in flames because of us—oh well, we’ll just fail in our professional duty to ourselves and the country anyway.

I’ve got some questions for our President that our incompetent “journalists” could be asking. If you have any yourself, please by all means add them in the comment link. There’s a tiny, tiny chance a “journalist” may read it and, incredibly, actually ask the President. Think of it as a service—the morons obviously can’t think of anything themselves.

Mr. President, why did you lie when you stated the crew of the USS Lincoln put up that “Mission Accomplished” banner?

Mr. President, you’ve stated that it was right to invade Iraq because “Saddam was still a threat.” If he had no wmd of any kind and no air force, how could he be a threat? Please be specific, and be ready for follow-up.

Mr. President, many have stated it’s cowardly and very disrespectful for you not to have attended one funeral of a US service member killed in Iraq. What do you say to that, and why have you not gone to one?

Mr. President, you will be the first President since Hoover not to produce a net gain of jobs in your term. How do this jibe with your claim that tax cuts encourage employment?

Mr. President, when is the United States leaving Iraq? Please be specific upon what conditions this exit rests, and please be ready for follow-up.

Mr. President, the 9-11 Commission says Vice President Cheney gave the order to shoot down civilian airliners, yet you’re said repeatedly you did. Please clear up this discrepancy.

Mr. President, what do think of the State of Florida re-implementing the felon voter purge in 2004? Also, please give us your opinion as to why there were no Hispanics on this list.

Mr. President, the deficit is now at $422 billion. How does that jibe with your claim that tax cuts will increase revenue? Please be specific, and please be ready for follow-up.

Mr. President, why hasn’t the US increased its auto fuel efficiency requirements?

Mr. President, why haven’t all of your military service records been released?

Mr. President, why don’t you just order whomever leaked Valerie Plame’s name to come forward and dispose of this controversy?

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