Tuesday :: Sep 21, 2004

More Poll Questions or Why Does this Woman Have a Job?

by Duckman GR

On Mondayís installment of Cokie Roberts goes Poll Dancing for Bush, doyenne Cokie says the polls are showing that women voters are moving towards Bush.


Did she get her data from the Gallup polls, perchance? Coz thatís what they are showing.

But as Blog Lord Steve has been telling us, Gallup is full of it.

The PEW Charitable Trust had a poll that raised all sorts of questions, but in particular, this result:

Breakdown of Presidential Support - Women Voters
Bush / Kerry

42 / 52

Sept 8-10
48 / 42

Sept 11-14
43 / 48

Yet Cokie had this to say:

INSKEEP: Now when you look at these polls, does anything strike you as particularly unusual?

ROBERTS: Yes. The thing that is really quite striking in them is that women right now seem to be going for President Bush. Now that is highly unusual. The gender gap has been part of our politics since it first showed up in 1980. And that year, President Reagan won the women's vote, but he won it by a much smaller margin than he won the men's vote by. And that difference between the way men and women vote is called the gender gap and it's been a crucial part of our politics ever since 1980, and it's been something that the Democrats have come to rely on. The fact that it's tough for Republicans, including Republican women, by the way, Steve, to get that female vote. In 1996, when Bill Clinton ran against Bob Dole, if only men had been able to vote, Dole would have been elected president. But Clinton won the women's vote by 16 points. So the fact that Bush is winning it right now is very significant.

Except that he isn't.

And don't you love that if only men had been able to vote line?

Yes, Cokie is a real Woman's woman, isn't she? Reminds me of bush's dictator crack. And nobody says a word about it, as if it's okay to speculate on dictatorships and man only votes, you know, the good ol days.

And, to return to the question at hand, does Cokie give any supporting facts to this assertion?

Yeah right, as if facts are at issue here. C'mon, there's kool aide on the counter, there's Media Whoredom to do, who wants to be bothered by facts?

So write your editors, your local NPR outlet, ( me@npr.org ) ask them to please get that useless piece of cocaine off the air and in a home or something where she belongs.

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