Wednesday :: Sep 22, 2004

New Kerry Approach Seems To Be Getting To Bush Campaign

by Steve

Noting that the campaign Tuesday night neared Disney's "fantasy land" in Orlando, Fla., Kerry said: "The difference between George Bush and me is that I drove by it. He lives in it."

Yes, I would say that the Kerry campaign is doing better these days. After Bush used his broken record (he’s a flip-flopper) to respond to Kerry’s Iraq attacks today, Kerry spanked Bush on two lethal issues in Florida, and revived the “Fantasy Island” theme.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, citing the war in Iraq and other trouble spots in the world, raised the possibility Wednesday that a military draft could be reinstated if voters reelect President Bush.

Kerry said he would not bring back the draft and questioned how fairly it was administered in the past.

His voice scratchy and breaking from a cold, Kerry called the president's proposal to give workers partly private Social Security accounts a windfall for financial companies and one that will cut benefits for senior citizens.

"He's driving seniors right out of the middle class," Kerry said in a battleground state rich with voters keenly watching the candidates talk about two pillars of retirement, Social Security and Medicare.

"I will never privatize Social Security, ever," Kerry said, repeating promises not to raise the retirement age or cut benefits.

Good stuff. And with evidence that after initially crowing about Kerry making Iraq a campaign issue again, the NYT reports that Bush/Rove aren’t so cocky anymore:

The campaign leadership was shaken by recent assertions by three senior Republican senators - Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and John McCain of Arizona - suggesting that the United States is facing deep trouble in Iraq, and that the White House may be in denial about the need for a new approach.

"They are clearly worried that this could take a nasty turn," said one senior Republican strategist who joined a conference call on Monday about how to respond to Mr. Kerry's counterattacks. "The headlines are getting to them."

Keep it up guys. I like watching the GOP squirm.

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