Thursday :: Sep 23, 2004

The Post Tries And Fails In Claiming Kerry Has A Gender Gap Problem

by Steve

Here’s another example of crappy journalism from the allegedly liberal media. Lois Romano of the Washington Post runs a story in Thursday’s paper whose theme is that Bush has a gender gap advantage over Kerry. The overall premise of the story is that Bush will have a large advantage with men over Kerry and Kerry needs to have an equally large advantage with women to offset that and win the election. Yet Romano says that Kerry doesn’t have that offsetting advantage with women and is in trouble.

Susan Carroll, a senior scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, said that "Kerry has to get women back, and he has to get them in a sizable majority."

"If he loses among women, he will lose this election," she said. "It's as simple as that."

The Battleground 2004 poll mirrors other surveys, including a Washington Post-ABC poll that shows Kerry's lead among women shrinking, while Bush is running as strong as ever among men.

Really? Then why does today’s national American Research Group poll show that Bush has only a 9-point lead with men over Kerry, while Kerry has an offsetting 8-point lead with women over Bush? Am I missing something here, or doesn’t that sound like an equally offsetting gender gap? And is a nine-point Bush lead with men really a sign that he is "running as strong as ever among men?"

If you think that Ms. Romano is trying a little too hard to make an anti-Kerry story out of nothing, you can send her an email at

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