Thursday :: Sep 23, 2004

Brazil Nuts

by pessimist

For months now, we've been hearing George Warmonger Bu$h rattling his Jenyoon Jawn Wyaine Nuclear Cavalry Saber at the Iranian mullahs over their reactor programs that he claims involve enrichment. While nuclear proliferation is certainly something to oppose, it smells like a reason to invade - something that will certainly bring on the draft that Bu$hCo requires to conduct the invasion they vehemently deny planning (No Iran Invasion Plan) even though there are two bills pending in the Congress to begin just such a process.

Now, Brazil is suspected of the same 'crime'.

Brazil, which has one of the world's largest uranium reserves, denied IAEA inspectors access in February and March to a uranium-enriching facility in Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, saying it wanted to protect industry trade secrets.

Hmmm - isn't that Commie pinko Lula guy in charge down there? We could invade Brazil!

But Rummy! You didn't invade North Korea! Even if you invade Iran like we know you want to, what do you propose to do about all the other countries that can make nukes?

Oh? A Plan? Finish eliminating all of the jobs that pay enough to live on and have scads of volunteers to go off and make the world safe for Tex-ass Oil men?

Are you sure that people will support this? Yeah, I thought you might know where I live. OK - you win. I won't say anything until after the (s)election.

NO! Here - look! No crossed fingers! No King's X! I give you Bu$h'$ word!

But he's your boss! Why isn't that good enough????

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