Friday :: Sep 24, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Evidently the Iraqi stew hasn't been cooking long enough. Bush warns that the Iraqis are so happy about the upcoming elections that we are bound to see more violence. All those freedom-hating terrorists are being dropped in the stew in order to boil the soup (sort of like dropping very hot rocks into the pot in order to bring it to a rolling boil). Nevertheless, as Bush and his handpicked interim leader of a free Iraq (actually second hand, as it was supposed to be Mr Chalabi) both say, Iraq is approaching doneness. One has to wonder what will be the response when the addition of further hot terrorist rocks cause the stew to overflow the pot and spill out into the broader world.

Such a good job our President is doing in making Iraq a better place than the one that the tyrant Saddam created. All it takes is some stubborn insistence that things are getting better despite the increase in deaths, because eventually the Iraqis will tire of dying and so stop fighting back. Perhaps when we have a death rate of 10%-20% or more Iraqis a month (and corresponding numbers of deaths of our troops) we'll have an Iraq that is well-cooked enough to become that democratic example for the rest of the Middle East? I can just see Saudi Arabians signing up for the Iraqi experience because that is the Bush road to democracy and freedom. Don't you agree?

Your turn now.

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