Friday :: Sep 24, 2004

We ARE Somebody!

by pessimist

Back in 2003, I heard Jello Biafra speaking at Kent State University on the anniversary of the killings of four innocent students by exhausted National Guardsmen. He closed his speech with the comment "Don't fear the media - BE the media". I don't get inspired by such brief statements often, but that is why you get to stain your retinas with my thoughts when you stop in here.

The recent flap over forged (if accurate) National Guard memos concerning George Wa$trel Bu$h damaged what credibility CBS and Dan Rather once had, and the ratings for the major networks are down significantly, as demonstrated by the low ratings for the Emmy Awards show recently. In fact, some believe that the numbers might serve as an ominous sign for television in general. If this is so, then the news on these networks isn't pulling viewers either. So where have they gone?

Report: Internet surpasses TV as media choice

Admittedly, this article focusses more on the use of the Internet for entertainment rather than information, but then the very question is framed in a way to be able to align television with the Internet easier, something that in reality is more like comparing apples and orangutans. For example, television is what-you-see-is-what-you-get while the Internet allows you to (usually) find what you want without too much trouble.

But the Internet definitely has attracted the attention of people for more than just online gaming or adult sexuality activities. As the linked article puts it:

The Internet's strength is that it provides both information and fun. "No other media compares to the Internet when it comes to information and fun," the analysts said, adding, "Young people show clear preference for using the Internet as a primary source for news."

In fact:

83 percent said reading a story online is the same or better than reading one in a newspaper.

So there it is. We are at the right place at the right time, with the right knowledge and experience, and at least on this site, some exposure. People out there do know about The Left Coaster based on our ranking [(44) The Left Coaster 10018 visits/day] as presented by the Weblogs By Average Daily Traffic service of The Truth Laid Bear.

Maybe we aren't generating many of the news stories, but by linking to several stories in one of our posts, we will certainly introduce our readers to sites they might not normally go looking for. Just researching my posts has introduced me to many excellent sites which often cover stories in more detail that the American sites and legacy media will - if they are covered at all.

So in closing, we are following the advice of Jello Biafra. We are Somebody. We ARE the media.

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