Friday :: Sep 24, 2004

Finally Doing Something About Greenhouse Emissions

by Mary

In the midst of this crazy election season, here is some genuinely good news. The California Air Resources Board has passed new rules that will require car manufacturers to make cars that produce less greenhouse gases for the California market. Of course, the automakers are very unhappy and threaten to sue the state, but even the Governor thinks this is a good idea and he promises to back the state in court if necessary.

When California makes a decision like this, it is a big deal, because several of the northeastern states automatically follow California's lead. This means that around 30% of the American public will be the market for the newer improved cars and manufacturers will think long and hard about whether they would do better producing the same models for all the states.

If you ever wondered why California gets to write its own rules, you can find the answer by listening to this Living On Earth program from a couple of weeks ago (RealPlayer or MP3), or you can read the transcript here.

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